Friday, September 18, 2009

PSU vs Temple Preview

So the non-conference scrimmages come to an end this weekend as Penn State takes on Temple at home. I'm going to give my prediction up front, I think this is another game that we lock up in the first half and then try not to give too much away in the second.

PSU 38 Temple 0

Temple lost to Nova, they had 5 turnovers against Nova, they lost to Nova. We really can't let them score any points on us. The defense will absolutely pacify whatever offense the Owls have. Yak, I'm not mad about your Penn State weekend recap from last year, we are pretty rah-rah about our football. You would be too if you didn't root for Temple... which just happens to be located in cynicism-capital-of-the-world Philadelphia...

We will try to establish the run again this week, against a Temple team that ranked 86th in the country last year in stopping the run. Hopefully we can up our stellar 3.3 yards per carry average. Royster and Green have to be ready to run hard and put up some numbers so the unit can see some results and hopefully build confidence along the line. I want to see more Devon Smith this game, give him 10 touches and I bet he goes for 100 yards, no one on Temple's roster can touch this kid. Daryll will go for 200 in the first half and then sit out the 4th quarter, he cannot get hurt.

(Sorry I can't type right now I'm fascinated by drag racer John Force screaming at me through my television. Give this man a show.)

More recruiting news, we landed DE CJ Olaniyan today, we really only have a few spots left in this class. Come aboard Sharrif! We need you!

Hey Matt I saw a dude get a hole in one today, do you have one of those? You play a lot of golf you should probably have 1 or 2 by now.

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  1. For the Record: I had a hole-in-one in a high school match against Liberty before you could drive. I was going to scan the scorecard in and make a post out of it but the file won't read. If you'd given some accurate yardages when you caddied for me I'd have at least two.