Friday, September 11, 2009

It's 85 degrees in my house

So I'm watching college football live right now on an early Friday afternoon. No, I'm not at work, no, I didn't get fired, yes, I'm happy to be here. Todd McShay is making brilliant predictions such as "No, I don't know what the final will be Saturday night, but the most important player for Ohio State is Terrelle Pryor." Give me his job!!!! Personally, I think OSU will get crushed, they just didn't look good enough against Navy, now they play USC. ESPN is after ratings so they'll continue hammering out propaganda that this game will be close, but it won't.

Dre just put the Dr. Pepper can on the turntables! Stop wasting hot beats on commercials doc! I'll be on this couch for at least another 2 hours, I really don't have a choice, we don't have air conditioning and I'm stuck to the leather. This is really the only reason I decided to post at this moment.

A quick NFL note: Even though I declined Matt's invitation to be in a gambling love triangle with him and Mikey, I will say that the Eagles are a lock over the Panthers this week and I'm picking them to go 12-4 and win the super bowl. I don't want to get too far into this or else Matt will want to start another blog.

A quick Mikey note: When he beat me at 50 it was at his house, and the only shot he made was the top of the key, just outside the garage, repeatedly. My theory is this: The top of the key just outside the garage shot is the only shot Mikey has ever taken in his driveway. Because Mikey moves through life at about the speed of a glacier, so when he "practiced" basketball, he opened the garage door got the ball out of the bin, took a step onto the driveway, and fired one up, letting the rebound go wherever for his mom to get the next day. Then he went back to the basement. I'm convinced he did this over and over. He accidentally perfected the straight away 20 footer. I didn't understand just how tame this creature was when we played, so I kept guarding him like a real person, and it led to my defeat. I always want a rematch. We could even take it a step further, it doesn't have to be just 50. We could go against each other in a Life Olympics, which features such events as "Fry an Egg" or "Get a Job," to name a few.

In Penn State football news Joe Paterno THREW THE TEAM OFF THE FIELD during Wednesdays practice because he didn't like what he saw. When asked, and unnamed source commented, "He does that." I'm picturing everyone jumping on the yelling bandwagon when they see Joe get fired up and the whole situation gains momentum until all coaches are screaming their lungs out at the very, very confused football team. I think it helps us stay focused in a 42-10 route of Syracuse. Greg Paulus is a neat story but if he keeps chucking up ducks like he did to lose the game in Minnesota, we may blow them out by more than 30. Bowman will not play this week with that groin injury, but he'll be alright. Looking forward to a great Saturday.

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  1. Mikey actually ran and completed a marathon last year. What have you done in terms of physical activity since 2008?