Thursday, September 17, 2009


Week one is in the books--a pretty unspectacular start. Mikey won more games than he lost for the week, which means it's the first time he's ever not lost money for a week. So he's got that going for him...which is nice. But he still didn't win anything. Baby steps I suppose.

Mattare's Lock of the Week: Florida (-29.5) over Tennessee

Little Lane is in so far over his head he won't even know what to do. I can imagine them playing a clip of Lane Kiffin guaranteeing victory over the Gators on the jumbotron every time the Florida defense takes the field. Urban Meyer is the same guy that called a field goal late in the UF-Miami game last year to kick an "F-YOU" field goal; it's going to be a bloodbath in The Swamp.

The Other Nine:
Eastern Michigan (+24)...Toledo (+20.5)...Colorado (-7)
Virginia (+15.5)...Navy (+7.5)...Northwestern (-3)
Colorado State (+3)...Florida State (+7.5)...Maryland (-6)

Mikey's Lock of the Week: Miami (-4) over Georgia Tech

"I think the U is an easy pick in this one. Randy Shannon and Jacory Harris are going to win the ACC this year (book it) and they might even hit up the BCS bash now that a couple teams have already lost. Look for a big party on the 7th floor tonight in Miami."

The Other Nine:
Kentucky (-10)...Penn State (-29.5)...Duke (+19)
Oklahoma (-15)...Notre Dame (-11.5)...Arizona (+5)
Nevada (-3)...Cincinnati (+2.5)...Mississippi State (+8.5)

Mattare: 6 points...(5-5 last week...1-0 lock)
Mikey: 6 points...(6-4 last week...0-1 lock)

WHAT TO WATCH FOR: Slatington's native son John Yackabonis's Penn State-Temple rant, coming soon...

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