Monday, September 21, 2009

Deja Vu (3-0)

So for the third straight game against a non-conference non-contender, Penn State went up early and then threw it in neutral for the last 30 minutes. Clark threw a terrible interception and looked strangely uncomfortable against a Temple secondary. The rushing game finally got going however, as Royster was able to get 139 yards on 19 carries. The secondary gave up 200 yards passing to Mr. Charlton and they're going to have to play more disciplined.

I'm excited for conference play, I'll finally be able to get some idea how good this team is. History has shown that you can't look at the outcome of these "easy" games too literally. Looking back at a couple recent Penn State seasons I found contradicting evidence: in 2005 during an 11-1 season, we needed a last minute TD to beat Northwestern, and we only beat USF team that would go 6-6 by 10. On the flip side in 2007, we opened the year with an "impressive" home win against FIU winning 59-0, Penn State went 9-4 that year but it was clear we weren't in the national championship picture. Don't get me wrong, I have been watching these games, and I will say that a number 5 ranking is pretty lofty for the team I've been watching. But how can I not be optimistic? Don't we have a chance to beat everyone left on our schedule? If we do that, don't we have a chance to play for it all? Shouldn't I be excited if we have a chance to play for it all?

I've already gotten way ahead of myself, we play Iowa this week. I have been waiting for this game since November 8th. I'm flying back up to PA for this one, HD will not do this massacre justice, I need to be there. Sadly I will be on the alumni side for the first time looking across at the student section. It's okay, I had my time. 5 seasons in fact, I really needed that minor.

I'll go more into this weekend's matchup later this week. I'm going to study the comments left on Rittenberg's Big Ten blog by large foreheaded Hawkeye fans and load up on ammo.

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