Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This is a blog started up by two die-hard college football fans to happen to be on different sides of the fence on what the greatest program in all the land is--Notre Dame vs Penn State. Since I'm planting a flag first on the site I'll give a little background on both of us.

My name is Matt. I went to Notre Dame, have bled blue and gold my entire life, and wish every day that I could go back for four more years. My friends from college know me as Spicy. I love to tailgate more than just about anything and would gladly give one of my kidneys to have won the 2005 Notre Dame-Southern Cal game.

My partner in this venture is Billy. He went to Penn State. He likes to freestyle rap and for a brief time liked to get into fist fights in spite of his slight physique (not one has ever turned out well in spite of Billy's razor sharp elbows). Our Thanksgiving football game was named after him (Billy Bowl) and he'll have to live with the fact that I was MVP of the last one we ever played for the rest of his life.

The two of us went to high school together in Allentown, PA, have battled on many fantasy football message boards, and have won/lost a variety of embarrassing bets with one another. For the 2006 ND-PSU game the winner had full rights to the loser's Facebook profile until Christmas. I took the liberty of signing him up for a variety of gay pride groups and listing his real cell phone number and screen name. Billy has never been hit on more in his life. The crescendo of that great couple months came when Billy called to tell me that a bi-sexual guy sent him a message suggesting he wanted to play tummy sticks. Ah, memories...

Unfortunately the tides were turned in 2007 when ND got rolled in Beaver Stadium. I was forced to wear a dress out on New Years Eve in Philly. It was a nice little pink number with a flower on the chest and probably was sized for a 4th grader. I was mugged outside the bar shortly after the ball dropped. Coincidence? To keep some sort of weight on Billy's conscience I'll say no.

I'm about as fired up as possible for college football to arrive. More to come later, but for now HELLO WORLD.



  1. I am going to talk so much shit on here its unreal. This is your guys best invention yet. USC-47 ND-12


  2. Nice blog Matt. I will follow all year. I live in Bethlehem and I'm a member at SVCC. I'm a huge Irish fan...will be attend MSU game. How's the golf game? Good Luck with the blog.