Saturday, September 12, 2009


Michigan looked great in week one, like a totally transformed team that arrived on the national scene a year ahead of schedule. Rich Rodriguez has gone from having no one to having two quarterbacks to run his vaunted spread offense. The defense was dominant. Now they have a Notre Dame team that couldn’t close a road game last year coming into the hornet’s nest that is The Big House. There the Fighting Irish will be met by 110,000 blood-thirsty fans who want nothing more than to paint their field with the gold from Irish helmets.

The sudden resurgence has led to a rising tide of confidence from a program that has spent the last twelve months with their backs firmly against the wall. The rally cry of “all in for Michigan” has galvanized alums and supporters in the face of controversy and scandal. Is this the perfect storm that catapults the Wolverines forward and send a bitter enemy spiraling backwards?

No. It’s not. In fact it’s not even close. This swell of confidence is based on hopes and wishes, not on actual substance. Michigan fans are about to find out the leap of faith they’re making has a long drop. Jimmy Clausen will show the country exactly what the hype coming out of high school was about. If someone has been living under a rock they’ll know now just how dynamic the Fighting Irish offense is. Lastly, all 180lbs of Tate Forcier will find that major college football defenses are a little faster and hit a little harder than Western Michigan—especially this one.

Enjoy another couple hours of high tide Michigan fans, it’s about to retreat.

Charlie’s Army is on the march in Ann Arbor again.

Notre Dame 34

Michigan 13

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