Thursday, September 24, 2009


Another terrible week for both of us last week, but the Sloth of Schnecksville has nudged ahead in the standings. Time for a rebound...with lengthened analysis!

Mattare's Lock of the Week: Boise State (-16.5) over Bowling Green

Boise State is just a well-oiled machine that has kicked their offense into high gear. They rolled through Fresno and if anyone thinks Bowling Green will stop them think again.

The Other Nine:

South Carolina (+4.5)...Spurrier still terrorizes the schools he used to own (since arriving he's knocked off Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Florida when they were ranked top 15) he just doesn't hang 60 on them like he used to.

Florida State (-14)...Matt Groethe is out for the year. The Criminoles are fast. Christian Ponder is Smart. Bobby Bowden is old. It's science.

Illinois (+14)...Arrelious Benn is absolutely unstoppable in NCAA Football 2010.

Virginia Tech (+3)...Hokies a home dog? Really?

Cal (-5.5)...Oregon just isn't very good. We can only hope the Ducks' new starting running back goes Wayne Brady on his own fans.

Colorado St (+17)...People are sleeping on the Rams too much--only lost to the Cougs by 3 last year. BYU could not be more deflated right now.

Notre Dame (-7)...Child Please.

Texas Tech (+1)...I just can't take Houston seriously yet. I'm going to choose the team led by the coach that thinks he's a pirate.

Washington State (+45)...USC only scored more than 45 points period twice in their last fifteen games. Once was against Wazzou (69-0), but still.

Mikey's Lock of the Week: Temple (-2.5) over Buffalo

"Yeah, you read it right."

The Other Nine:

Ole Miss (-4.5)- If you haven't already, go bet your next 10 years salaries on Ole Miss. You won't regret it.

Minnesota (PK)- I've watched Brett Basanez (a Northwestern alum) play all preseason for the Bears. If they're still producing players with his talent level Minnesota is the easiest pick this century.

Michigan St. (+2.5)- Just my opinion but Wisconsin sucksss this year.

Ohio St. (-14)- Arrelious Benn might pull a Randy Moss and walk off the field during this game at some point.

Miami (-3)- Like I said last week Miami's winning the ACC. Can't do it unless they get this one so that's all the reasoning I need.

Kentucky (+23)- Since coming to northern Kentucky (aka Cincinnati) I've seen alot of things UK. They're building one underrated football program down there and I think they'll use this game as motivation to prove that. Look for Trevard Lindley to pick Tim "call me Timothy" Tebow at least once.

Iowa (+10)- Just trying to make the loss doubly hard on Billy.

Stanford (-7)- Washington will beat USC and lose to Satnford in consecutive weeks. Good luck explaining that to the AD Steve Sarkisian.

South Florida (+14)- Only reason I like this is I see a big letdown for Florida St. The bulls just lost their senior QB for the year so I advise nobody to follow this one.

Mattare: 10 points...(4-6 last week, 0-1 lock...9-11 overall, 1-1 lock)
Mikey: 11 points...(4-6 last week, 1-0 lock...10-10 overall, 1-1 lock)


  1. LOCK No. Illinois -16

    Minn +2.5
    Rutg -2.5
    Fresno +16.5
    NC St. -1
    Ball St. +33
    TTech +1
    Toledo -1

    Time for a winner on this site.

  2. 6-3-1 record for me

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