Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Great Moments in Notre Dame-Washington History

First we have some highlights from Ty Bowl I which includes the famous "Throw Right" for young and terminally ill Notre Dame fan Montana Mazurkiewicz. Until the first Ty Bowl rolled around I really didn't dislike or resent Ty Willingham. I thought he was a class act and handled his firing well...he just wasn't a good coach. Feelings changed that weekend when he played the race card in an interview with John Saunders. The part of Notre Dame Nation that still respected him as a person took on the role of Michael Corleone and Ty took on the role of Fredo--the Molder of Men had officially burned all bridges to the Golden Dome. Notice how happy and full of hope he seems in the interview at the beginning of the video.

And here we can relive last year's thrashing with the little number below. I'll remember this as the game where Charlie Weis coached against Ty Willingham and Bob Davie announced while throwing it to Lou Holtz at halftime. That's has to be the equivalent of all the planets lining up in order. George O'Leary was asked to be the sideline reporter but declined. Not the highest quality video but you can use it to remind yourself what happens when Notre Dame plays high school level opponents.

Before that though, let's take a look at this video which I like to call "selective memory." As you can see a Washington fan put together highlights from the 2008 Notre Dame-Washington game (you know, the one where Notre Dame tossed the Huskies around like a rag doll and it took Washington until the fourth quarter to cross midfield) and somehow made it seem like Washington not only was in the game but dominated it. It's captioned "watch the Huskies lay the beatdown on Jimmy Clausen." I guess it will go on their DVD of the Ty Willigham Era? Game outcomes be damned! Judging by the captions on the bottom of this video (specifically ZuluWarrior1865's comment) there won't be many people in Seattle buying it.

(PS--try not to gag when you see Brandon Walker's stats...they sit there taunting you before you even click the video)

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