Thursday, October 8, 2009

We're Playing Who in Week 6?

OK, I really don't know anything about the Eastern Illinois Panthers. I know they have Iowa's old quarterback Christensen, and he torched Eastern Kentucky for 294 and 3 TDs last week. That's really where it stops. The buzz entering this game is that we should be able to get Kevin Newsome his first good chunk of playing time this season. Somehow we totaled about 10 minutes for him against Akron, Temple, and Syracuse combined... Newsome has the reigns next year unless one of our incoming freshman can beat him out which I don't see happening. So look for this game to be exactly like the first 3 cupcakes we played this year: dull, boring, scrimmage-like, all that. I like having some built in wins each season, but the Big Ten has gotten so weak it is starting to come with 3 or 4 built in conference wins, so believe me when I say I'm looking forward to playing Alabama next year as much as anyone.

Penn State 48
Eastern Illinois 6

I'm hoping the coaches keep Devon Smith out of this one as he is still recovering from a concussion against Iowa.

Sean Lee may not be back in time for Minny, apparently that knee sprain is pretty bad. We really need him on the field and healthy against Michigan, the option just makes me nervous.

Notes from the recruiting trail:

Since I posted a recruiting update we have landed two big defensive players: 4 star DE Dominique Easley and 4 star LB Khairi Fortt. Khairi has been a long time PSU lean so there was no surprise there, but Easley's commitment came rather quickly and now what would be our 5th 4 star D line prospect, Mike Thornton, has named Penn State his leader. We may not have room for Sharrif Floyd, Larry Johnson has fielded such a competitive class that these blue chippers are fighting for spots. Most recruits will say they aren't worried about the competition, but how can you not be with the talent we already have plus the kids in this class? I'm not mad about this problem.

Now we still have not landed a DB for this class, we had 6 last year but one has been turned to WR. My friend Mooney has pointed out on numerous occasions, we never have good safeties at Penn State. We turn subpar wide receivers into safeties, why? We have landed top cornerback prospects twice in the last 6 years but we dont go after servicable safeties. Blown safety coverage killed us against USC and has cost us a couple of touchdowns already this year. The only 2 Nittany Lion safeties in the NFL: the amazing Calvin Lowry with the Detriot Lions and Anthony Scirotto with the Panthers, both pulling backup duty. That pretty much says it all.


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