Friday, October 9, 2009


Up is down, right is left, white is black, Mikey is above .500 in his picks...what the hell is going on with this world?

Mattare's Lock of the Week: TCU (-10) over Air Force

TCU gives up 47 yards per game on the ground. Air Force runs for 291 a game. I think that TCU has proven that the immovable object is always going to win out in the MWC.

Michigan State -4...There is a giant fork sticking out of Ron Zook's back. A new quarterback isn't going to save this season--Michigan State comes in riding high after a big overtime victory and adds to Illinois' misery.

Arkansas (+2.5)...Petrino is a terrible person but a helluva coach. Find a way to win this game and I'll officially believe Mr. Chizik. PIIIIIIG, SOOOEEYYYY!

Boston College (+13.5)...This just has the feeling of a 20-10 game.

Georgia (+1.5)...Georgia should feel totally disrespected by this line. They would've beaten the #4 team in the country last week had it not been for a terrible call and they're facing a quarterback that makes Jake Delhomme look like a good decision-maker.

Navy (-11.5)...Rice has a bad, bad defense. Good luck stopping Ricky Dobbs.

Florida St (-3)...Mega-rally for Bobby Bowden.

LSU (+7.5)...They're getting more than a touchdown in Death night...where they haven't lost since Nagano. Yeah, I'll take those points.

Washington (+3)...Count me very impressed with Sarkisian/Locker/U-Dub. Where are the people saying that Sark is winning with Ty's recruits though? The Molder BUILT THIS TEAM!

Iowa (-7.5)...Time to watch the house of cards fall apart in Ann Arbor.

Mikey's Lock of the Week: Arkansas (+2.5) over Auburn

Really seeing a letdown game for Auburn in a tough spot at Arkansas. I think Mallet can put up points and Petrino's going to start catching some heat if they don't win one like this.

Ole Miss (+5.5)...This one's going to be a classic. Bama's offense definitely won't blow out Ole Miss but they're defense won't let Jevan Snead score very much either. I'm going to start watching SEC football exclusively, no other conference comes close to touching it.

Ohio St. (-16)...Ohio St. does the same routine every season. They lose to a big team early, dominate Big 10 teams and get back into the top 10 somehow, play Michigan in primetime and smoke them, and then get into the BCS and lose. Wisconsin falls in just after the first comma in this plan.

Wake Forest (-11)...Maryland's really bad and Wake can't afford to drop a game like this. The Deacons will get up big early and stay there until the end.

Texas (-31.5)...Last week against West Virginia was probably the best game Colorado will play all year, that's how bad they are. Texas' offense will put up 60 in this game and Colorado's turnovers might reach double digits, good recipe for a blowout.

Florida (-7.5)...What will be written about Tim Tebow after he wins this one? Will he win the Nobel Peace Prize? Be named the next pope? Go on Price is Right and win BOTH showcases? Who cares, please graduate Tim.

Georgia Tech (+2.5)...I can't wait to hear what Bobby Bowden has to say when the Noles lose this one.

Iowa (-7.5)...Iowa's going to use this game to get into the BCS hunt, Michigan will be slaughtered.

Hawaii (+8)...The Warriors getting points at home?? Child please.

Purdue (+4)...Another ridiculously bad Big 10 game that will probably be on ESPN when you wake up. The only way I can watch it is if I pick it.

Mattare: 20 points...(4-5-1 last week, 1-0 lock...17-21-2 overall, 3-1 lock)
Mikey: 25 points...(7-3 last week, 0-1 lock...23-17 overall, 2-2 lock)

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