Thursday, October 22, 2009


Mikey is actually picking well and essentially curb-stomping me. And I have as many pushes as wins. It's ridiculous. I'm speechless.

Mattare's Lock of the Week: Georgia Tech (-5.5) over Virginia

They're giving 5.5 to Virginia. Really? REAAAAALLY? I mean I know this is the annual Al Groh Lazarus Routine, but this is a ridiculous line.

South Florida +6.5...I want Pitt to win this game. Badly. I need them to be ranked in the top 15 when the Irish head to the Ketchup Bottle to play them in three weeks. I have ZERO faith the Wannstache delivers. Zero. Please prove me wrong.

Illinois +10...I just feel like Illinois is going to snatch up and win a game. Purdue is ripe for an emotional letdown. Arrelious Benn, you have 22 catches for 271 yards and zero touchdowns this year. Michael Floyd had more yards and four more the first six quarters of the year. You're a moron.

Penn State -4.5...The streak finally ends. More on this game later this week.

Air Force +9.5...They hung with TCU, they can hang with Utah.

Florida -23...Florida won't take too kindly to losing the #1 spot to 'Bama. Time for a beatdown on both sides of the ball.

TCU -2.5...They absolutely smothered them last year. Get ready for the remix.

Texas Tech -21.5...This spread couldn't be high enough.

Idaho +15...Keep the dream alive Vandals!

UConn +7.5...I feel like this game should be taken off the board. Emotion rules the day--GO HUSKIES

Mikey's Lock of the Week: Syracuse (-10) over Akron

Akron's just a chance for Syracuse to feel good about their football program again, that's why they scheduled them. Does that make you a man Greg Paulus? The answer is no, no it doesn't. Just because your basketball game was modeled like mine (jack 3's with someone in your face) and you sucked at Duke doesn't mean you can make up for it by quarterbacking Syracuse over Akron. You're pathetic, go play volleyball at Colorado next you prick.

Army (+10.5)- Rutgers has been terrible most of the year. They don't have a QB and I don't think they'll be very motivated for this game making me believe that Army can cover the spread.

West Virginia (-6.5)- On the opposite side of you Matthew. I don't think UCONN is going to be focused at all on this game and will get blown out. Really tough week for Huskie nation.

Alabama (-16.5)- Tennessee won't get into Alabama territory in this game let alone attempt to get points. I think the Tide would beat Florida right now and they deserve to be #1 and will show it this week.

Cal (-34)- Cal will score 35 and Washington St. will score less than 0. That sounds like a win to me.

Iowa (-1)- Riding the Hawkeye train until it stops. Going to Michigan St. can't be as tough as going to Wisconsin so I think they'll make it happen again this week and move up the BCS ladder.

Missouri (+14.5)- Texas was very unimpressive last week as Oklahoma played most of the game without Bradford and still should've won. Missouri's a solid club and I think they give Texas a big run for their money and may even win.

Florida St. (+2)- The Noles can beat and lose to anyone in the country depending on how Bobby Bowden's osteoporosis is acting that week. I think he's got it under control this week, lookout Heels.

Kansas St. (-3.5)- Colorado has no chance of putting together back to back wins in football, they're more of a volleyball school. I think Kansas St. knocks off the Buffs in a big way.

Oregon (-7)- Everyone seems to be betting on Washington. That's usually a good sign to pick the other guy.

Mattare: 28 points...(4-5-1 last week, 0-0-1 lock...25-31-4 overall, 3-2-1 lock)
Mikey: 36 points...(5-4-1 last week, 1-0 lock...32-27 overall, 4-2 lock)

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