Thursday, October 1, 2009


Mikey has jumped out to a lead through three weeks. To put this in perspective think of this as when Ted Ginn ran back the opening kick of the National Championship game against Florida. We all know what happens next...

Don't call it a comeback.

Mattare's Lock of the Week: Ole Miss (-8.5) over Vanderbilt

Ole Miss isn't as bad as they looked last week--with one performance they've gone from totally overrated to underrated thanks to a media avalanche of hate. Houston Nutt is a terrible coach when there are heightened expectations, a very good coach when there aren't. They'll be out for blood which is bad news for Vandy.

Michigan +2....I really don't think Michigan is any good. This is just a testament to how crappy Michigan State is. My only hesitation is the fact that this isn't played in the Big House, which means Michigan actually has to play 11-on-11 without the refs giving them four game-deciding calls.

South Florida -6.5....Syracuse is being shown a little too much respect with this line.

UCLA +5....I think this is going to be a dogfight. Give me those points.

NC State +1....At least once a week I wonder what happened to Chuck Amato and his gigantic chest.

Navy -3....I'll ride Navy all year if they keep feeding me these lines. Anchors aweigh my boys.
Georgia Tech -5.5....Remind me I'm an idiot for picking an ACC team on the road against an SEC team.

Arkansas PK....Consider me not even remotely impressed with Texas A&M. Kyle Field used to be one of the most feared places to play. Not with Mike Sherman at the helm though...

Tennessee -2....I just can't believe that Gene Chizik is for real. Kiffin & Kiffin ride the running game against Auburn's 81st ranked rush defense and a lockdown defense to a W.

Washington State +32.5....That's just too much to be giving to the spunky Cougs.

Mikey's Lock of the Week: Purdue (-6.5) over Northwestern

Purdue's playing Northwestern...the end.

Duke +15.5…I've picked the Dukies 3 times this football...guess I should stop complaining when I lose.

LSU +1…Couldn't believe the Tigers were getting points when I saw this line. Georgia's offense is good but their defense is worse than the French Army, look for LSU to control clock and win easy.

Penn State -6…I'll be picking Penn St. every other week from here on in. Let's see how it works out.

Washington +14…Just really don't like the injuries that ND has suffered and the terrible game that Washington played last week will have them focused for this one.

Indiana +17.5…If you watched Indiana-Michigan last week its easy to see that Rich Rodriguez is giving half his salary to the refs of the Big Ten. Indiana should've easily won that game and I think they'll be fired up to prove it wasn't a fluke when Ohio St. comes in.

Auburn +2…This is more of "I hope Lane Kiffin gets fired in year 1" pick than anything else. Auburn's got a solid team though so hopefully they can stick it to Kiffin and son up in Rocky Top.

Miami +6.5…Still love the U even after the slap they received last week. If they win this game they should be in the top 5 IMO because of the wins they have and losing in a hurricane at Va Tech is something every other team in the country would've done too.

Cal +6.5…I think alot of pressure is off of Cal for this game now that they've lost already. If they were undefeated going in I don't think they'd have a shot but now I see it coming right down to the wire.

Colorado +17…They're aren't enough strippers in West Virginia to distract the Buffaloes in this one!!!

Mattare: 15 points...(4-5-1 last week, 1-0 lock...13-16-1 overall, 2-1 lock)
Mikey: 18 points...(6-4 last week, 1-0 lock...16-14 overall, 2-1 lock)

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