Friday, October 16, 2009


I'm in South Bend and I have no desire to say anything witty other than we're going to abuse the Trojans on the field tomorrow.

Mattare's Lock of the Week: Texas (-3) over Oklahoma

Why is this spread so close? I'm rooting for Oklahoma so some ridiculuos scenario where Notre Dame can sneak into the national championship happens, but jeez this is ridiculous on a neutral field.

Rutgers +4...because Wannstadt will lay an egg whenever I want him to win.

Ohio St (-13.5)...because Terrelle Pryor is gonna a touchdown for every baby momma he has.

Army (+10)...because we are an Army of ONE.

Notre Dame (+11)...because I BELIEVE.

Georgia Tech (+3)...because Va Tech can't stop the run.

Kentucky (+13)...because there was someone at the airport waiting to boo Gene Chizik when he was hired.

South Carolina (+17)...because the Ol' Ball Coach won't get blown out here.

Stanford (+4.5)...because the Fighting Jim Harbaugh won't be denied

Navy (-8)...because I have a man-crush on Ricky Dobbs

Mikey's Lock of the Week: Notre Dame (+11) over Southern Cal

"People say bet with your head and not with your heart. Nuts to that, this is a big heart pick and it's going to happen."

Connecticut (-12.5)...The Huskies are a pretty good football team and should've won at Pitt last week. Louisville on the other hand may need to drop their football program to pay bail for the basketball team. I see a blowout.

Texas (-3)...R-E-S-P-E-C-T. That's what Texas is finally going to get after they run over the Sooners.

Georgia (-8)...Really just hoping that Georgia can score because its a fact that Vanderbilt can't.

Penn St. (-14.5)...Staying true to picking Penn St. every other week. Minnesota could give them a game though so won't be surprised if the Lions don't cover.

Maryland (+4)...The winner of this game is still alive for a berth in the EagleBank Bowl. There will be blood.

Virginia Tech (-3)...Georgia Tech was involved in a huge shootout last week with Florida St. and I think they'll be drained for this game. Va Tech rolled last week and will go down to Atlanta and do the same again.

Cincinnati (-1)...I realllly want UC and Boise to go undefeated and make the BCS eat yet another shit sandwich this year. If they can get this one at South Florida, UC has a legitimate argument for the title game if they stay unbeaten.

Ohio St. (-13.5)...See: Week 5 picks

UCLA (+3)...Don't like Cal on the road in a conference rivalry game. UCLA had a chance to take down Oregon last week and gave it away, this week I think they'll bring it home.

Bonus Pick: Xavier (-3)...Football's coming back in a big way to X and this week they have Southern Illinois. Roger Bacon High School will host the matchup between the two club teams and I believe there are tickets still available.

Mattare: 24 points...(4-5-1 last week, 0-1 lock...21-26-3 overall, 3-2 lock)
Mikey: 30 points...(4-6 last week, 1-0 lock...27-23 overall, 3-2 lock)

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