Saturday, October 3, 2009


Penn State at Illinois - time to learn to pick myself up. I'll be posting quarterly thoughts during this game. I just witnessed Michigan State upset Michigan and Iowa beat Arkansas State by 3! What is going on in the Big Ten? Inconsistency all over the place, we still have a shot at the conference championship if we can beat Ohio State and Michigan. How quickly I start playing the numbers game even after a loss. However, I can't completely forget last week because if we play like we did last week we can lose to anyone, which is why I'm nervous to play a team that has only beaten Illinois State this year. Pregame side note: they keep talking about how Juice and DC have been texting each other all week and are friends now because they're both playing terrible. Annoying.

1st quarter:
Nothing going on here. Penn State has very little confidence in the short yardage run game as they've thrown on 3rd & 1 and 3rd & 2.
Jeremy Boone had an awesome 67 yd punt, so far it's the play of the day.
Illinois gunner catches punt over Astorino's head? Drew was standing right there.
Mike Patrick says "little girl with the curl" and "that pass was tardy" within 5 minutes of each other.

Stephfon Green with a 52 yard run, you cant let him past the first level.
Its official, Arrelious Benn is the premier Nittany killer in the Big Ten.
I don't like Clark's throwing motion, he does not step into throws, he just kind of hops, plants both feet and arms it wherever he wants to go with it. If he has any NFL ambitions it looks like he's going to have to retool his throw. This coming from someone who knows nothing about throwing mechanics.
The Penn State prevent defense just allowed Illinois to go 50 yards in 20 seconds towards the end of the half. Is there anyone that likes the prevent defense? It makes the defense predictable with the game on the line. We would have given up a field goal at least if Juice doesn't get an intentional grounding penalty resulting in 3rd and 30.

3rd quarter:
At this point, we are running the ball the best we have all season, either Illinois is just tired/bad or PSU is figuring it out!!!!!!! Figure it out!!!
Clark breaks a QB draw for 50, that's what I'm talking about! Keep them honest, use Clark's running ability.
Our return game is looking very weak, AJ Wallace has little room to return, and for the second time this game we will start from inside the 15.
Derek Moye loses a terrible fumble, stop carrying the ball like Willie Beamen.
As the quarter is ending Clark gets a cheap shot in the back of the helmet! Please don't have a concussion, I now regret what I just said a few lines before.

4th quarter
Illinois has quit on this game. Penn State is in complete control, I think I just heard an announcer say we're averaging 9 yards per carry?
I kind of fell asleep here...

It felt good to get a victory, and to look good doing it, but we still haven't beat a quality team. With Eastern Illinois coming into town next week that won't change.

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  1. Bill thank you for a short and to the point analysis...the post above yours is 18 pages long in Word....0 chance of me reading it.