Thursday, October 29, 2009


So Week 7 was another failure, just a slightly smaller failure. I still didn't pick up any ground and I kept my staggering streak of weeks with at least one push going, but for the first time since week one we were both .500 or better with our picks. So we've got that going for us. Which is nice.

Did it make up for the fact that both of us went and saw our NFL teams get wrecked in person last weekend? No. We'd like to send special thanks to the Washington Redskins and Chicago Bears for taking the gas.

Mattare's Lock of the Week: Georgia Tech -12 over Vanderbilt

Vandy really isn't good and their 87th ranked run defense is toast against a team that averages 291 yards per game on the ground. Ramblin Wreck in a bloodbath.

Ole Miss -4...There's a serious freefall going on at Auburn right now. Houston Nutt teams play well with no expectations, terribly when the spotlight is on them. I don't see a spotlight anywhere.

Air Force -5...What makes Vegas think Colorado State can run with a team that took TCU and Utah to the brink?

South Carolina +5.5...Lane, meet the ol' Ball Coach. He's been known to be a pain in Rocky Top's ass.

Oklahoma State +8.5...The 'Pokes always play Texas tough. I'll take the points at home.

Kansas State +28...Not saying that K-State has a chance to pull the upset, but this is a lot of points to be giving a well-coached team.

Central Michigan +6...I've got a LeFevour...and the only a Central Michigan cover

UCLA +10...This has letdown game written all over it for the Beavs.

Penn State -13.5...The Nittanys roll this week, setting up a showdown with the Buckeyes to figure out who's the second best team in America's worst major conference.

Miami -7...Wake is not a good defensive team...and they're not a good offensive team. Riley Skinner may be really accurate but you don't get points for a high completion percentage. The U in a route.

Mikey's Lock of the Week: USC (-3.5) over Oregon

The Trojans usually love a challenge and this will definitely be one against the Ducks. Their D rises up big and they smoke Oregon out of BCS title contention.

Wisconsin (-6.5)- It's getting really hard to keep watching Big 10 games every week, making picks isn't even helping anymore. How the hell did this conference get its own network??

Indiana (+17.5)- I've been all over Iowa all year but I think they'll take it easy this week against the Hoosiers. No need to waste energy on a team that blew a 20 point lead to Northwestern.

Auburn (+4.5)- Jevan Snead sucksssss. I won't be surprised when the Bears draft him.

Southern Miss (+7)- The Eagles don't get many chances to prove themselves with the schedule they play so they'll be juiced to play at Houston, maybe even take home a W.

Tulsa (-16.5)- There's about 3 games a year where Tulsa will just throw the ball 60 times and put up 80 points. I think this week we'll get one of those games at the expense of SMU.

Kansas (+7.5)- This game's going to go back and forth all day. It should be a high scoring affair and Tech will probably pull it out but Reesing to Briscoe will keep it close.

Penn St. (-13.5)- The Lions are 3-0 against the spread since I started picking them every other week. Don't stop believin.

Kentucky (-3)- UK's on a pretty good run right now and last week took all the energy and heart Miss St. had against Florida. They'll be wiped out and the Cats will run all over them.

South Carolina (+5.5)- Just hate Lane Kiffin, call this a spite pick.

Mattare: 34 points...(5-4-1 last week, 1-0 lock...30-35-5 overall, 4-2-1 lock)
Mikey: 42 points...(5-5 last week, 1-0 lock...37-32 overall, 5-2 lock)


  1. Big 10 is America's worst major conference? What does that say about ND? I believe your Irish lost to a Michigan team that is currently 1-3 in this conference.

  2. It says that Michigan was the better team on that day. We're not in a conference so that's irrelevant to the comment.

    The Big 10 sucks. I can't be the first person to tell you that.