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Just a month ago it appeared that Hinkle had a stranglehold on the title. Unfortunately for Joshua though, the season did not end then. Mattare started a furious comeback with "All-In Weekend 2010" and rode that to a 9-3 finish, pulling him into almost a dead heat going into the bowl season. Mikey and Chuck? Not so much.

Now we have two more weeks on the slate. Week one will be all non-BCS games and there will be a $200 maximum just like the regular season (but you only have to select three games). Week two will be a $300 maximum for the BCS games (three game rule applies as well).

Can Mikey or Chuck come back thanks to an absurd win on the moneyline (Helloooo UConn!)? Will Mattare find a way to win or will Hinkle put the finishing touches on a great start-to-finish run?

The race is on! Let's check the standings and get to the picks!

Week 14 Results
1. Mattare: $85…
Ends the regular season on a sizzling hot streak.
2. Hinkle: $21...His conservative moneyline plays stop the bleeding.
3. Chuck: -$104.55Devastating blow to any slim comeback chances.
4. Mikey: -$198Woof.

Preseason Prop Bet Results (Listed here)
1. Mattare: $85…Jordan Toddman and UConn get it done!
2. Mikey: $70Took the under on Iowa and Southern Cal's win total.
3. Hinkle: $30…Kirk Cousins passes Hinkle to a small gain.

Final Regular Season Standings
1. Hinkle: $398.50…A solid all-around year for Hinkle.
2. Mattare: $390.10…Epic comeback in the final month.
3. Chuck: -$227.10…Rough year.
4. Mikey: -$394…Rougher year.

Non-BCS Pick Summary
Hinkle: Miami > Notre Dame, FSU-USC (Under), Toledo > FL Intl
Mattare: Boise St > Utah, Tulsa > Hawaii, Mizzou > Iowa
Chuck: Utah (ML) > Boise St, Tulsa (ML) > Hawaii, BC (ML) > Nevada
Mikey: Boise St-Utah (Under), SDSU > Navy, MSU > Alabama


It was a fairly good year for me so far. I was dominating then slacked off on my analysis which led to a mediocre finish but that is a good thing because now the bowl games mean something. You know what else means something? BEATING MATTARE, ON HIS SITE, AT THE HANDS OF HIS OWN TEAM!

Sun Bowl: THE U (-3) over Notre Dame...$110 to win $100

This is what I want Mattare to tell me for the next 9 months until its time for Round 2:

A. I really thought heading into Bowl Season I was on fire and going to beat you but damnit!

B. Not only am I pissed I lost, but its because Notre Dame blew it for me. (Insert 7 reasons why they should have won)

With that being said, I am not overly excited about this play but thats how I am going to roll!

Chick-Fil-A Bowl: FSU-South Carolina (OVER 54.5)...$22 to win $20

I just see this being monster shootout. Like 39-29. Hopefully they do not disappoint!

Little Caesars Bowl: Toledo (-1.5) over Florida International...$66 to win $60

Four of Toledo's losses came to Arizona, Boise, and Northern Illinois. Florida International is 3-4 on the road and only covered two times as a dog this year, the first two games of the season vs an overrated Rutgers and Texas AM. They PF and PA are identical, but playing a tougher schedule I think Toledo is a double digit victor.

PS. Brotzman is pathetic at kicking and catching.


Ohhhh Joshua, the enemy is at the gate. Time to deliver the death blow and set up a BCS showdown. All lines from Sportsbook.

Maaco Bowl: Boise State (-16.5) over Utah...$55 to win $50

Boise State is mad, especially after the Utes gave some serious bulletin board material this week. Utah was unbelievably underwhelming in every game I saw them play this season. They're going to watch their nine game bowl streak go down in flames

Hawaii Bowl: Tulsa (+10) over Hawaii...$44 to win $40

I love the Hawaii Bowl. I love Hawaii. I love the crazy, high-scoring games that seem to always take place on the big island. These are two high-octane attacks and though Hawaii's defense is far better than in recent memory I don't think it's enough to blow Tulsa out.

Insight Bowl: Missouri (-3) over Iowa...$33 to win $30

There isn't a chance in hell that Iowa can have its head in this game, is there? Their friends (and key starters) are getting suspended, their drug business has been ruined, and the underclassmen realize that they're stuck in Iowa City without any weed for the next few years. Bummer dudes. Mizzou rolls.


Just call me the Lord of the Moneyline.

Maaco Bowl: Utah (+550) over Boise State...$10 to win $55

Because I need a big, fat moneyline victory right out of the gate.

Hawaii Bowl: Tulsa (+320) over Hawaii...$180 to win $576

Do you hear that Matt and Hinkle? That is the sound of the Category 6's blowing into Aloha Stadium, and blowing away y'all's lead. Tulsa's superior offensive talent will find a way to outscore Hawaii's superior offensive scheme. The final score may be more reminiscent of a Maui Invitational final than a college football game.

Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl: Boston College (+270) over Nevada...$10 to win $27

This is a strength vs. strength slugfest with Nevada's potent rush attack taking on the best run defense in the nation. Something tells me that Colin Kaepernick left everything on the field against Boise State and is due for a letdown.


My best pick all season was Andrew Luck to win the Heisman. Maybe they'll give it to him after Newton mails it back. C'mon backdoor Heisman win!!! (all lines from

Maaco Bowl: Boise St-Utah (UNDER 60)...$110 to win $100

This just seems to be a matchup of 2 very disappointed teams. I can't see the normal display of firepower showing up that we normally see from them so give me the under.

Poinsettia Bowl: San Diego St. (-4) over Navy...$55 to win $50

San Diego St. has got to be the most overlooked school in the 2 major men's sports. Overlook this, Navy.

Capital One Bowl: Michigan St. (+11) over Alabama...$55 to win $50

11 points?? Are they serious? Would Alabama still be favored over Auburn and Oregon? I just can't ignore this line so go Sparty.

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