Saturday, December 4, 2010


We're rapidly approaching the finish line and suddenly we have a race on our hands. Hinkle's Boise Broncos took the gas in Reno on last Friday night which has allowed Mattare to sneak right back into the thick of things with only Championship Weekend and the Bowl Games to go. Will he hold on to what seemed like an insurmountable lead? Will Mattare continue his Lazarus-esque comeback? Will Mikey go four digits into the red? Stay tuned...

Week 13 Results
1. Mattare: $89
…Could be right on Hinkle's heels if not for NC State.
2. Mikey: -$8…Four straight weeks of 2-2, four straight weeks of -$8.
3. Chuck: -$28.18…Limping to the gate.
4. Hinkle: -$143…First goose egg of the year makes the final weeks interesting.

Week 13 Standings
1. Hinkle: $347.50…The footsteps are getting louder...
2. Mattare: $220.10…(CLICK CLACK).
3. Chuck: -$122.55…Will need something ridiculous to get back in it.
4. Mikey: -$266… Will need a miracle to break even.

Week 14 Pick Summary
Hinkle: Ore (ML) > OSU, FS-Ill (Over), Aub (ML) > SC, LU > Del
Mattare: Pitt > Cin, SC > Aub, Conn > USF, USC-UCLA (Under)
Chuck: OSU > Ore, UCLA > USC, SC > Aub, Idaho > SJST
Mikey: SC > Aub, Neb > Okla, UCLA > SC, WSU > Wash


How was my Thanksgiving at the beach? Horrible. I finally understood what it felt like to be a die hard Notre Dame fan the past few years. I now understand the misery you all endure watching heartbreak after heartbreak. Alabama, I will forever hate you more than Mike Guman does. Up that many point and you blow it...are you serious??? Then, to top it off a kicker ruins another great football game. TWICE! In the end, I am glad Auburn came back. If the door to Tempe was wide open and that crap happened...OH MY GOD I do not even know what I would have done.

Boise State is a great team. I am not mad they lost. Every team loses at some point. But to lose a game like that. Horrible. You know who feels for that piece of crap kicker? Bill Buckner. That bum lives in Boise and owns a car dealership. Kicker may at least get some sympathy from Billy and have a job there since everyone else in the state will forever hate him.

I am up $130. I am playing conservative.

Game #1: Oregon (ML) over Oregon State...$83 to win $12

If I lose this bet I do not even want to win this competition.

Game #2: Fresno State-Illinois (Over 58)...$11 to win $10

I saw Fresno's awesome D in Boise. Illinois is not much better.

Game #3: Auburn (ML) over South Carolina...$83 to win $31

I am a believer in them after last week on the road. Cam Newton is a man child.

Game #4: Lehigh (+17) over Delaware...$11 to win $10

I looked up the rules. No where does it say one must bet on an NCAA Division 1-A game. I will take the fightin Donnie Robert's plus the points.


Apparently being engaged gives you gambling superpowers. Hinkle is slipping up and I'm coming at him like a SPIDER MONKEY. All picks are unless noted.

Game #1: Pittsburgh (-1.5) over Cincinnati...$110 to win $100

Cincinnati just isn't very good. They've had Pitt's number over the past few years, but that was due in large part to the man who was leading the Bearcats...and now that man is patrolling the sidelines in South Bend. Nippert Stadium just isn't as intimidating as it once was.

Game #2: South Carolina (+5.5) over Auburn...$55 to win $50 (

For a few reasons. First of all, I think the Ol' Ball Coach has something up his sleeve. Second of all, Auburn has to be mentally worn down after the grueling Bama game while the Gamecocks' confidence is soaring thanks to crushing a hated rival on the road. Third of all, South Carolina should've won the last game at Auburn and blew it down the stretch. And lastly, karma is eventually going to rise up and smack Cam Newton in the face.

Game #3: Connecticut (+2.5) over South Florida...$22 to win $20

Connecticut squashes all these convoluted Big East BCS scenarios and secures their spot in what's sure to be the most uninteresting BCS game ever.

Game #4: UCLA-Southern Cal (Under 53.5)...$22 to win $20

Southern Cal has a pretty darn good defense, but their offense is so vanilla and reined in with Mustain at the helm that I just can't see a lot of points being scored.


Welcome to my final week of the regular season picks: Clemson style. Like Kyle Parker, I have decided to mail it in for the season. No, I am not going to "quit" on this column. I am, however, going to give very little effort while still handing out my picks. Buyer beware. Also, there's a theme in my analysis. It's subtle, but see if you can find it.

Game #1: Oregon St. (+16.5) over Oregon...$50 to win $45.45

Corvalis might burn down.

Game #2: UCLA (+7) over USC...$50 to win $45.45

LA will burn down either way.

Game #3: South Carolina (+4.5) over Auburn...$50 to win $45.45

I hope the Gamecocks win so that Columbia does burn down.

Game #4: Idaho (-13.5) over San Jose State...$50 to win $45.45

I smell potatoes burning.


I should've never stopped picking Temple after Week 4. (all lines from

Game #1: South Carolina (+5.5) over Auburn...$110 to win $100

Will karma finally kick in and deal Auburn a loss? Nobody wants to watch a national title game that they know won't count.

Game #2: Nebraska (+4.5) over Oklahoma...$33 to win $30

This game should be a pick em so points are a gift.

Game #3: UCLA (+6) over USC...$33 to win $30

Just think USC is reeling right now and Rick Neuheisel will have his boys ready to play.

Game #4: Washington State (+6) over Washington...$22 to win $20

This has to be the worst rivalry matchup of the weekend. I see a 3-0 final score so 6 points looks good.


  1. Hinkle--

    The monstrous comeback is complete. Thanks to UConn's W that won the Big East I hit two preseason bets which means I have the lead going into the bowl season.

    The table is set for a showdown. No more hiding behind -600 Moneylines.

    GAME ON.

  2. Mikey:
    2. Andrew Luck (+1800) to win the Heisman $25 to win $450
    3. Iowa under 8.5 wins (+170) $25 to win $42.50
    4. USC under 9.5 wins (+110) $25 to win $27.50

    Niiiiice. And Luck may pan out if Cam Newton gets ruled ineligible before the national championship!

  3. Bring your weak shit...I bet my life I win this

  4. Judging by your recent history that'd be a terrible bet.

  5. I tried to make this interesting for the fans out there....remember all those 3-1 or 3-0-1 we goooo