Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dynasty League Update: Second Verse, Same as the First

My top-ranked Demon Deacons headed up the road to Durham with a lot on the line. First, there was the newly earned #1 spot in all the polls. Next, was a berth in the ACC Championship. Lastly, there was the customary bet that Bill and I always have for our games.

The terms of this game's bet were debated and finally agreed upon: 30 on-demand pushups (I know, not original...but they're always entertaining) and the purchase of a traveling trophy. After searching the interwebs far and wide we found our Holy Grail - The Chug-a-Duck. What's the Chug-a-Duck? Click the link, you might want to purchase one yourself (if you're in college you probably should do it immediately).

So where does the Chug-a-Duck reside after our showdown?
You better believe it, THE DEACS' DREAM SEASON CONTINUES! And perhaps more importantly, MY DOMINATION OVER BILL IN VIDEO GAMES CONTINUES! An untimely Sean Renfree interception helped set up the game-winning field goal as time expired.

Wake Forest 24
Duke 21

Get ready to do some pushups on the floor of Yocco's this Christmas Billy Boy!


  1. Billy...waiting for the article on the lame new BIG TEN logo, divisions, and 18 new awards...entertain me

  2. But Josh, they turned the "I" in "BIG" into a "1"!! You have to admit that this change, plus the Leaders and Legends conferences is absolutely...ridiculous and amateur.

    Nevermind, you're right.

    Seriously? The article below says it took 25 seconds to make and I agree. If the first 7 seconds were used bashing one's face against the keyboard.

  3. A monkey with a few crayons could come up with a better logo. Or me. I'm sure I could retire on what they paid Pentagram to design that atrocity.

  4. Come on, you're focusing on the logo?!?! How about the fact that the divisions are named "Legends" and "Leaders"???? Is there one fan in the entire country who has uttered "what a clever, great idea"?

    And what about the naming of the Conference Championship Trophy is the Stagg-Paterno Trophy. Alonzo Stagg coached a team that's no longer in the Big 10 (in fact they cease to be) and most of Paterno's success and wins came before his team was in the Big 10.

    I'd say you should never be able to win an award that's named after you, but that'd imply that JoePa would win it before he dies which is just nonsense.

    It'll be great to see a Michigan player win the Eddie George Award and an Ohio State player win the Charles Woodson Award. Will there be a Gary Moeller Award for the player with the most DUI's in a calendar year?

    What an epic fail on every level. This has that bow-tied mega-dork Gordon Gee's fingerprints all over it.