Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Dun Dun It Again....

I was so ambitious heading into this week in terms of what I was going to post on WNG. Bill even chipped in with his half of Two Dudes, One Post.

Plans change rapidly though and my plans to write the night away have been replaced by the impulse purchase of a flight to go see the opener Saturday. This is become a yearly tradition, one that cannot continue next year because the opener is in Ireland.

In about 36 hours I'll be smack dab in the middle of tailgate Valhalla and a few hours later I'll come through a tunnel that takes me to "the most beautiful sight these eyes have ever seen."

There's still time for you to book your flight, what's stopping you?


(Here's a video from a friend of the blog Her Loyal Sons, Ken O'Malley. Buy the whole CD on iTunes this fall. Head over to HLS for details.)


  1. You say that now about the game in Ireland, but 363 days from now, I fully anticipate getting a text saying "I just dropped $2500 on a ticket and will be eating Ramen for the next three months of my life. GIDDYUPPPP"

  2. Nah, I'll just buy them way, way earlier. Like in February.

  3. Is that Matt "Santa's Little Elf" Bono shotgunning in the 1st pic? He's not the illustrious Mattare, is he?

    I coached half of these gentlemen in the photos everything there is to know about boxing, especially the sunglassed Brady Quinn. He didn't know what handed he was at first. And now look at him...

    Stay classy WNG.

    Your friends at WeIsND