Saturday, September 24, 2011


Good bounce back from the boys in week two. Let's see if they can keep the momentum going in week three.

Week 2 Results

1. Hinkle: $109
2. Mattare: $87
3. Mikey: $67
4. Chuck: $6

Standings thru Week 2

1. Chuck: $23
2. Mattare: -5
3. Hinkle: -5
4. Mikey: -$75



Same problem as last week. Don't judge me. Here are some winners.

Game 1: BYU -2.5 vs Ucf 77 to win 70

Trevor Matich told me to do it.

Game 2: Ok st +4 @ aTm 33 to win 30

Game 3: Arkansas +12 @ bama 22 to win 20

Game 4: Lsu -5.5 @wvu 33 to win 30


Another big week on deck.

Game #1: Notre Dame (-7.5) over Pitt...$55 to win $50

The Irish are starting to hit their stride. Watch the national hype start to build up again after dismantling the Panthers today.

Game #2: Texas Tech (-16) over Nevada...$33 to win $30

Colin Kaepernick is not walking through that door.

Game #3: Southern Cal (+2.5) over Arizona State...$33 to win $30

Count me among the Arizona State unbelievers.

Game of the Week: LSU (-6) over West Virginia...$77 to win 70

LSU rolls.


Welcome to the world of gambling. ND vs Michigan seemed to be an easy obvious W in week 1. Nope. Pitt vs Iowa seemed to be an awful analysis by me and a loss in wekk 2. Nope. That's how the gambling Gods roll. Ill take hitting both big games last week and getting the ball rolling in the right direction. Let's keep it going.

Game 1: ND/PITT U 55 (44 win 40)

I am really surprised by this total. I saw this being more of a game in the 40's. ND tightened up on defense last week and Pitt has done a fairly good job of holding opponents down as well minus 4th quarter collapse at Iowa. I think both teams will rely heavy on the run game which should drain the clock at a fairly good pace. Throw in the fact that I liked this game at 53 and the public is pounding the over I will roll the dice even though I hate betting big on totals. Come on kids!

Game 2: PSU/ Directional Michigan East U 46 (22 win 20)

PSU is currently favored by 28.5. They have shown me nothing this year to prove they have the ability to score at will and blow a team out. The fighting Larry Birds had their first winning season since the Clinton administration (4th and Inches crew that is two references this week if counting) last year so beating them up does not count. They looked awful last week. What is going to click this week? Do they have a QB yet? Is Joe Pa alive? PSU football is depressing right now.

Game 3: Turtle Helmets -8.5 vs Temple (66 win 60)

Temple put it all on the line last weekend. They almost owned the state for a year but lost it in the end. Letdown on the road as the Terps will rebound from a disappointing loss to the Mountaineers. Temple gives up 8 points a game but they have played not a soul. Villanova is not the same 1-AA powerhouse that they are this year. Akron is barf, just look at my pick last week, and PSU is more like a 1-AA in their own right. Terps come out chucking the ball all over the field and light up the scoreboard. 44-23.

Game 4: LSU -6 at WVU (33 win 30)

LSU is good. Real good. They are in the elite class of teams that I would really like to see my Broncos play to see how credible of a team they are. Their defense is solid. Their speed is off the charts. They play in the toughest league in the world next to the LVC. I mean Death Valley is no Rockne Hall but still. Do you think Mountaineer Stadium will shake the Tigers? Their size and speed will match that of the WVU WR corp and make it a long night for the potent offense. I see WVU realizing that the Little East is nothing compared to an elite SEC school who has already played two top 25 opponents and looked impressive in both. 24-13 Tigers


Muuuuch better week last week going 3-1 and nearly 4-0 if FSU could've taken advantage of their 2nd half opportunities. Either way feeling alot more confident heading into week 3 and ready to lay all these picks down at a sportsbook in Vegas this weekend. Time to get after it:

Game 1: Penn St. (-29) over Eastern Michigan $22 to win $20

Penn St had an awesome 4 point win over Temple last week and left everyone impressed. Seriously though, the Lions can't be happy right now and they have Eastern Michigan on a tee to try and make them feel better. I don't see EMU putting up even one point while Penn St will be running up and down the field all day. 29 just ain't enough.

Game 2: Maryland (-9) over Temple $55 to win $50

Maryland proved me right last week by going down to WVa, and I'm going to try and cash in on them again. Temples coming off an emotional loss to Penn St and going on the road this week won't help them get over it. The terps will bounce back big against the owls at home.

Game 3: Colorado (+15) over Ohio St. $22 to win $20

This may be a bit of an overreaction to Ohio St getting pounded by the U, but I just don't think they're very good this year. Its going to take some time for them to recover from tattoo-gate 2010 and I think this season may just be a bit of a wash. Not really sure what Colorado's story is but chalk this up to education if they get blown out.

Game 4. West Virginia (+6) over LSU $22 to win $20

LSU gon win this game 5-0... now onto the Bellagio!!!

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