Saturday, September 10, 2011


That was fun.

Bottom line is that Notre Dame is capable of being a top tier team if they play well. Michigan is mediocre team if they play well. As long as the Irish don't completely implode they're going to win this game. If they play well they're going to win handily.

Let's go get it done Irish.

Notre Dame 27
Michigan 14


  1. How does loss feel, jerk! Rudy was offsides.

  2. Frankly,we find showing a disabled person in Michigan gear to be highly offensive & totally the province of people of trash. We are Domers & are INSULTED that anyone would stoop to that type of IMPLICATION by putting it online. Why not put YOUR FACE IN A MICHIGAN outfit & put the title "Stupid & Stupider..."? Don't insult people who can not help the role in life that God gave them to bear. Perhaps if someone in your family has a disability of some nature, you will post HIS/HER pic on line for some grossly stupid attempt to show school spirit. Check out Notre Dame fans, we have just as many people who can be cast in the same ridiculous light. In fact, start with our football team on the field last night. THERE is a group of fools that sure beat the ones YOU'VE shown...a QB who DROPS the football before he passes it????? Defensive backs who allow a QB to throw for 338 yards on only ELEVEN completions???? Look to our own house first FOOLS!

  3. The graduating high school line is priceless.

  4. Also, stop posting anonymously. Give yourself a name. How am I supposed to develop a rapport with you people?

  5. Get some class you fuck. If you like to make fun of a women in a rascal, then you're the moronic hick.

  6. Kind of ironic that this should be posted by a Notre Dame fan blog though- the criticisms are doubly true of ND fans, especially historically, going back to the Subway Alumni of the yesteryear.

    The shot of the disabled fan wasn't so horrible when seen in context; maybe just really crappy luck that is the screen shot that shows up, making it seem in poor taste. Couldn't you edit so something else showed up?

    Otherwise, as a Michigan fan, I thought it was fairly midle. I thought the faux Michael Moore VO was actually kind of funny.

  7. michigan was over matched in talent the coaching sucked in this game let denard run the dam ball.brady i eat alot if hotdogs hoke he not a pocket passer its a long season