Monday, August 30, 2010

Your Monday Isn't as Bad as This Kid's

Mondays are miserable, especially the last one that stands between you and football season. I've stared at the clock for about six minutes and it hasn't moved from 9:14am. When you think about what you'd be doing this week if you were still in college you get even more depressed.

(Give me a second to channel my inner Stephen A. Smith...)

HOWEVAAAA, your life CANNOT be as MISERABLE as this young man's life will be when he arrives on the first day of high school this week. Something tells me this move took him out of the running for any potential scholarship/girlfriend/friends.

His awareness in NCAA Football 2011 wouldn't be on the charts, it'd probably just be a picture of a skull and crossbones. So thank you, sissy running back with the instincts of a frightened squirrel. You made this Monday a little easier to swallow.

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