Friday, August 27, 2010

A Battle Rages Within...

We're eight days away from the opening of the season and right now there's a tug of war going on in my mind.

On one side is the part of me that says, "Dropping $350 for a flight to go to South Bend without a ticket locked up for the game is crazy! You'll be out at the Michigan game next week so cool your jets. You can watch Purdue somewhere on a big screen, save the money, and it'll give you an opportunity to get the first running diary of the year up on the WNG asap."

On the other side is the part of me that's blowing about a .35 on the BKAC (Blood Kool-Aid Content) scale screaming, "IT'S BRIAN KELLY'S FIRST GAME! It's the dawn of a new era! Think of what that stadium is going to be like when they rush out of the tunnel! Isn't that worth $350?!?! You'll probably end up buying $350 worth of shots at the bar during the game if you end up staying home anyway. Man up and get out to South Bend by any means necessary!"

It's a vicious battle raging within. Loyal readers, give me some guidance here: should I sack up and make the trip even though it makes no financial sense or should I wait a week since I'll be there for the beginning of RichRod's final season anyway? It should be noted that I've been at the opening game for both Willingham and Weis' careers and while the individual games turned out well (thumped Maryland in '02 and Pitt in '05), their tenures did not.

To keep the Kool-Aid flowing let's take a look at Lou at the '08 Michigan pep rally. This is proof that pep rallies can still be good--tell me you don't get chills as you watch the students during the Overture of 1812.


  1. Dear Spice,

    Not only is it the first game of the Brian Kelly era, but if you come to the game you get to see me, Sharky, Carl, Ringer, Hogan, JT, Smithers, Farva, Carne, Heart, and plenty of other beautiful people that won't be at the Michigan game.


  2. Let's put it this way: if you don't buy it today, the tickets are just going to be more expensive tomorrow