Sunday, August 29, 2010

WeNeverGraduate Invades Twitter

We're coming up on the blog's one-year anniversary so we've decided to take the next step to becoming a legitimate website and dive headfirst into the world of Twitter. You can go to our page--WeNeverGraduate--and follow us or just check out the little gadget on the right side of your screen. It's swell, ain't it?

Since both Bill and I will be tweeting from the same account each post will be preceded by either MM (Mattare) or BJ (Bill) so you know who you're reading. It's complicated, I know.

Thanks to Bill for setting up the account. He's been a Twitter veteran for months now, sharing his thoughts on that sandwich he just ate, that move he just busted, and that yoga pose he just struck. I'd include a link to his personal Twitter but I don't know what it is. I feel like you can't be missing all that much though.

Also, thank you to thebobkessler for setting us up with the gadget. It looks 1000x better than the ones offered through blogspot.

Twitter will hopefully open up a 140 character trash-talk battle royale. Bill's much more comfortable with that sort of character limit for his tweets/articles so this may actually increase his participation. It also gives us a new forum to interact with our readers, easy updates for when articles are posted, and allows us to pick apart Desmond Howard's ignorance and Bob Davie's diction from the comfort of our recliners each Saturday.

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