Thursday, August 5, 2010

Something to hold you over...

I've been neglectful this week due to work, an impending move (goodbye McLean, hello Arlington), and golf tournaments, but here's a video to make you feel good about your respective school.

Unless your school is Georgia. Then it'll make you want to stick a pencil in your eye.

As expected, Everyday Should Be Saturday has crushed this gopher ball.


  1. Still not half as bad as Freekbass

  2. Let's be reasonable--it's at least half as bad. Also, please don't use the F word.

  3. It was bad.

    By the way, welcome to Arlington from McLean. As someone who lives in both (house straddles the county line, son graduated from McLean HS, daughter attends Yorktown), I have a unique perspective.

  4. Thanks VAIrish, good to be here. It's nice to be able to walk down the street and be somewhere other than the Galleria.