Monday, August 23, 2010 want me fluff pillow?

Couple WNG housekeeping tidbits:

Last week I accepted a position as Featured Notre Dame Columnist at Bleacher Report, which means I'll be pulling double-duty this fall when it comes to writing columns. I'll post most of the articles I do over there on WNG as well, but in case you are already over at Bleacher Report a link to my profile page (which has the columns listed) is right here.

Also, Bill is looking into firing up a WNG Twitter account. The app would appear in the left hand column and have a live feed to the blog. I feel like the 140 character max for tweets will allow Bill more than enough room to tweet his entire columns--which usually appear once every three months and consist of 120 characters and a picture of Dr. Dre--and keep him involved with the site. This will also open up a whole new world of trashtalking.

New column on the way by noon.

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