Friday, November 6, 2009


Another .500 week but I'm inching back toward Mikey. It's like match play in golf--if you're losing there's no need to press for a bunch of birdies. You just have to string together a bunch of pars and 90% of the time opponents will back up to you. Mikey's picking ability is not in the 10% I have to worry about.

Also, apologies for the picks coming a day late. Mikey's picks were late because he learned he'd just gotten a job. WeNeverGraduate congratulates Mikey and White Castle--they've picked up what certainly will be a perennial contender for employee of the month.

Mattare's Lock of the Week: Notre Dame (-11) over Navy

I really like Navy and I've picked them plenty of weeks this year...but unfortunately they're going to be the first team to experience the Golden-Floyd buzzsaw since Tate took "the leap." This will play out a lot like the 2005 game.

Temple -17...HOOOOOOT! Miami (OH) is really terrible. Really, REALLY terrible. (Ed. Note: Way to take the gas in the 4th quarter Owls)

Va Tech -13...Because I've gone one week in a row without a push.

Syracuse +21.5...Wannstadt's last chance to hurt Notre Dame. The reverse psychology has worked the last few weeks, we'll call on it one last time.

Georgia Tech -16...Wake Forest quarterback Riley Skinner is questionable and they're not particularly good at stopping the run. Bad news with the Wreck coming to town.

Army +17...This is a lot of points to give to the Cadets. I think this is an ugly, slow game that Air Force wins something like 20-9.

Kansas -2.5...Kansas has a good run defense. That's all K-State can do. K-State has a bad secondary. All Kansas can do is throw. I'll lay the 2.5 thank you very much.

South Carolina +7...If the Gamecocks can't cover this I'll officially be off the Spurrier bandwagon for the rest of the year.

Stanford +7...Oregon is ripe for a letdown. Stanford is a WAY tougher game than a lot of people realize.

Washington +5...Jake Locker is still the quarterback. I feel like UCLA is getting too much respect with this line even though they're at home.

Mikey's Lock of the Week: Indiana (+11) over Wisconsin

Indiana's going to be juiced for this one after all the close losses they've had this year. Not saying they're going to pull it out (cause they never do) but it'll come down to the wire.

Michigan (-4)- Rich Rodriguez is going to try and slaughter Purdue after the crappy run that Michigan's been on. Not sure if it will be up to him because both of these teams suck but won't be surprised if the Wolverines try and hang 80.

Ohio St. (+3.5)- A little payback for last year.

LSU (+10)- Too many points in such a big game. Alabama can't pass so LSU can focus on the run and keep it within striking distance until the end.

Cal (-6)- For Desean Jackson who's been incredible on all my fantasy teams this year.

Clemson (-8)- I love that Allstate commercial with the Bobby Bowden grill. I think that after Bobby steps down (or dies) at Florida St. he'll want to be made into a real life one, its the best possible path for the rest of his life.

Miami (-13)- When did Virginia start getting respect? The Canes are still one of the top teams in the country and they'll cruise to a big victory in this one.

Colorado (+4.5)- This one is going to be uuugly. Home field and points are an attractive option.

Arizona (-30.5)- Arizona are the Hawks and Washington St. are the Mighty Ducks (not the second meeting, the first one when the Hawks won by like 20 goals).

Stanford (+5)- Cannot believe I'm picking against Oregon after the way they shamed USC (and me) last week but my cousin works for the Stanford football team and says he's been slipping steroids into the players water all week. Roids never lose.

Mattare: 40 points...(5-5 last week, 1-0 lock...35-40-5 overall, 5-2-1 lock)
Mikey: 45 points...(3-6-1 last week, 0-1 lock...40-38-1 overall, 5-3 lock)

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