Friday, November 13, 2009


Last weekend was a complete disaster on all accounts. Not only did Navy whip Notre Dame and send the Irish program into a tailspin, but Mikey unleashed his best week in the two years we've been doing weekly picks (8-2 with lock) and I laid my biggest egg (2-7-1 with no lock). His lead is becoming insurmountable and the success he's had in the gambling world this year (he also took 3 out of 4 of the golf major pools we did and whipped me on the Super Bowl) leads me to believe that the Apocalypse is near. Just get me to the end of the season, it's time to cut losses.

Also, the Irish have lost all three times I put them in my picks. You've got a better chance of me wearing a Matt Leinart jersey than you do of seeing them in the picks again.

Mattare's Lock of the Week: Indiana (+25) over Penn State

This is a lot of points to be giving a pretty good Indiana team. Read Billy's comments on the weekend--PSU is totally deflated and the Hoosiers are fighting and clawing for bowl eligibility.

Michigan +9...Consider me unimpressed thus far with Wisky. I hope the Skunkbears lose, but I think RichRod finds a way to hang with them.

Michigan St +1...I've seen both teams. Michigan State is better.

Iowa +17...Iowa's defense is good enough to keep it within two touchdowns. Unless their luck not only ran out last week but is headed the other direction. If that's the case they'll probably lose 77-0

Washington +12...Wow, things have really headed south after a promising start for U-Dub haven't they? I still think they're a good team--give me Locker and the points.

LSU -24...Time to take out all the anger from the bad calls the Bama on La Tech.

Utah +19.5...I think TCU takes care of business but I'll take the points.

Arizona +2...No respect for the Wildcats who are still right in the thick of the Rose Bowl hunt. BEAR DOWN!

NC State +8...Predicting that a Clemson game is going to be close really isn't much of a stretch.

Miami -3...Carolina's offense marches it over midfield like twice a game. Their defense is good but if they want to win they better hold the Canes to somewhere in the range of 10-14. I don't think they can do it.

Mikey's Lock of the Week: Mississippi St. (+13) over Alabama

Miss St. plays tough in big games (ask LSU, Florida) and I don't see why they won't do the same against Alabama. The Tide are prime to overlook this week after beating LSU and with the SEC title game approaching so I expect this one to be close.

Cincinnati (-10)- The Bearcats seem to get less respect with every win they get. Doesn't make any sense to me and this week will prove the same as they blowout a pretty good West Virginia team and probably drop in the BCS rankings somehow.

Ole Miss (-2.5)- Tennessee's been playing good football recently but screw them, I still want baby Lane to lose every game by double digits. Put up 1 good game Jevan Snead, I think you have it in you.

Penn St. (-25)- Realllly didn't want to pick Penn St. this week but I'm staying true to my word with the every other week selection.

Michigan St. (+1)- This game's definitely going to be close as both teams are going to play it close to the vest and try to improve their bowl status. The Spartans will squeeze it out at the end because Purdue's isn't good enough to sweep the state of Michigan.

Missouri (+2)- Kansas St. won their Super Bowl last week by beating Kansas and are now prime fade material. Missouri's a good team and they'll pull the Wildcats back to Earth this weekend.

Arizona (-2)- This is a little payback for Cal being 1 of 2 teams to ruin my perfect week last week while Arizona came through with a big W.

South Carolina (+16)- Florida's O has been unimpressive lately and South Carolina plays really tough D at home. I don't think the Gamecocks have a good shot at winning but 16 seems like way too many points for Florida on the road against a good team right now.

Oklahoma (-17)- Did Oklahoma really lose to Nebraska last week? Did they really put up 3 points? They'll want to win by at least 100 this week.

Notre Dame (+6.5)- The Irish are going to win this game somehow. No explanations are necessary (or possible) to explain it but its going to happen.

Mattare: 42 points...(2-7-1 last week, 0-1 lock...37-47-6 overall, 5-3-1 lock)
Mikey: 54 points...(8-2 last week, 1-0 lock...48-40-1 overall, 6-3 lock)

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