Saturday, October 1, 2011


The Boilers are not a good team, far and away the worst of the first five teams we've faced (I know, it's hard to believe someone is worse than Michigan). The Irish should roll in this game but I and most ND fans have been conditioned to expect our boys to do everything in their power to make games as stressful as possible no matter the talent gap.

Two years ago the Irish left Ross-Ade Stadium with one of the most dramatic victories in school history. It won't take any late game heroics this time around. The offense takes a step forward and commits only one turnover (someone gag me that I'm excited for that stat), but the story of the day is the defense which completely suffocates the Boilers.

Stars: Manti Te'o gets the first interception of his career, Gary Gray snipes one as well, Aaron Lynch gets two more sacks, and Theo Riddick has a Michigan State 2010-esque statline on offense.

Say it with me: a nice, relaxing victory...a nice, relaxing victory...a nice, relaxing...

Notre Dame 27
Purdue 10

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