Saturday, October 8, 2011


Week 4 Results

1. Chuck: $16
2. Hinkle: $14
3. Mattare: -$29
4. Mikey: -$68

Standings thru Week 4

1. Chuck: $147
2. Hinkle: $33
3. Mattare: -$85
4. Mikey: -$222


Game #1: Virginia Tech (-7) over Miami...$33 to win $30

Game #2: Northwestern (+7.5) over Michigan...$110 to win $100

Game #3: Wake Forest (+10.5) over Florida State...$22 to win $20

Game #4: Oklahoma (-11) over Texas...$22 to win $20


Game 1: Boise State -20.5 @ Fresno State (Pinnacle) 33 win 30

Saw this game in person last year. Fresno has no idea how to cover the deep ball and Kellen Moore's play action ability left their defense looking like a bunch of chickens running around with their heads cut off. Boise's defense has played very well this year and it is overhsadowed by their Heisman candidate QB on the other side of the ball. I look for Boise to explode on offense and keep the Bulldogs under 17 points.

Game 2: Arizona -2.5 @ Oregon State 88 win 80

Poor Nick Foles. This Cat puts up huge numbers week in and week out but his friends on defense tackle worse than a flag football team. They had a brutal opening schedule playing top notch schools back to back to back weeks and had their top WR out for one of those games. They showed life once again at USC last week but falling behind early killed them. I think the Wildcats finalls "Bear Down" on defense enough to cover this low number behind Foles and the explosive O.

Game 3: Auburn +10 vs Arkansas 33 win 30

I was not a believer in Auburn week 1. They have showed some heart and played solid throughout the past several games. This is going to be a tough SEC game and we all know anything can happen in those games. I will glady take two scores in what is sure to be a quality matchup to watch.

Game 4: Oklahoma/Texas Over 56.5 20 win 20

Its called a Shootout for a reason....


Game #1: Army (-2) over Ball State...$44 to win $40

Riding the cadets again.

Game #2: Iowa-Penn State (UNDER 45)...$33 to win $30

Just a gross, gross game. Ew.

Game #3: LSU (-14) over Florida...$33 to win $30

Florida might have less than 150yds of total offense.

Game of the Week: Oklahoma (-11) over Texas...$55 to win $50



Another week and more lost money, if you're fading me congratulations on the small fortune you must now possess.

Game #1: Texas (+10.5) vs. Oklahoma...$44 to win $40

Game #2: Florida St. (-10) vs. Wake Forest...$44 to win $40

Game #3: Florida (+13) vs. LSU...$44 to win $40

Game #4: Arkansas (-10) vs. Auburn...$44 to win $40

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