Saturday, October 1, 2011


Week 3 Results

1. Chuck: $108
2. Hinkle: $24
3. Mattare: -$51
4. Mikey: -$79

Standings thru Week 3

1. Chuck: $131
2. Hinkle: $19
3. Mattare: -$56
4. Mikey: -$154


Game #1: Florida (+4) over Bama...$44 to win $40

Game #2: Clemson (+7) over Va Tech...$22 to win $20

I just made the first contribution to IPTAY to erect the Tajh Mahal.

Game #3: ND (-12) over Purdue...$22 to win $20

Curb stomp special.

Game #4: Wiscy (-10) over Nebraska...$22 to win $20


3-1 last week but the "1" was a killer. I got to see Oregon in person and I have NEVER seen a human in person as fast and shifty as Mr. James. He is silly good. I am in the process of moving into my house this weekend so things are crazy and write ups will be short. I already missed my play of the week on Pitt so I feel this could be a bad week. Positive thoughts!

Game #1: Navy (-3.5) vs. Air Force...$33 win $30

I absolutely loved Navy and they way they played at South Carolina. Who doesn't love a white QB with wheels? Give be the Middies all day. Remember this pick come a few weeks. Just sayin is all...

Game #2: Toledo (+8) vs Temple...$33 win $30

Temple played very well last weekend. Toledo has played great the past 3 weekends. They have been battle tested losing a close one at Ohio State, losing at home to Boise in a turnover plagued game, and then last week on the road at Syracuse on a blown call. Toledo has something to prove and they will play a great game this weekend.

Game #3: Texas/Iowa State OVER 50...$55 win $50

Ton of offense. ALL GAME LONG! This game hits the 70's.

Game #4: Wisconsin/Nebraska UNDER 57...$33 win $30

RED OUT in Madison. That will go for the crowd and for the offenses. Both teams are going to have a ton of pressure on them to prove their worth. Who is the king of the Big Ten(ish)? Nebraska has not played a team like Wisconsin and I do not think they will run up and down the field like normal. I see the first having moving somewhat fast with alot of ground game action and little points. It is going to open up in the 2nd half but not enough to cover this number.


Game #1: Alabama (-4) over Florida...$77 to win $70

Florida hasn't seen a defense like Bama's. The Tide rolls in The Swamp.

Game #2: Baylor (-4) over Kansas State...$33 to win $30

Tricky game for the Bears, but RGIII drags them to a victory.

Game #3: Mississippi State (+7) over Georgia...$33 to win $30

Have people really soured on the Bulldogs that much?

Game of the Week: Nebraska (+10) over Wisconsin...$33 to win $30

Way too many points to be laying. I think the Badgers win but it'll be more in the mold of a 24-20 win.


This is just getting worse and worse, time to start throwing darts:

Game #1: Michigan St. (+3) vs. Ohio St...$22 to win $20

Time to let the buckeyes burn me for the 2nd straight week.

Game #2: Virginia Tech (-7) vs. Clemson...$44 to win $40

Clemson's going through a brutal stretch right now, can't see them taking down Va Tech to end it.

Game #3: Florida (+3.5) vs. Alabama...$44 to win $40

Gotta win home games in the brutal SEC, think floridas got this one.

Game #4: Wisconsin (-10) vs. Nebraska...$22 to win $20

Wisconsins on fire and this is nebraskas 1st big 10 road test. Good luck huskers.

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