Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Look at how he leads with that elbow! Penn State, we have ourselves a quarterback. Robert Bolden will take the first snap on opening day, which actually makes my prediction last week a little conservative. The rumors built and built surrounding Bolden but I think most Nittany Lion fans were like myself: cautiously hopeful. Joe wouldn't really start a true freshman right off the bat would he? The circumstances were just right this time, and yes he f'in did. I think this is a decision that Joe was actively involved with. His biggest role these days is making personnel decisions, he has infinite knowledge of the position, and he played quarterback at Brown and although the position has evolved since he did play, it's nothing he hasn't witnessed while roaming the sidelines.

My buddy Ross - lifetime Penn State fan - just called to ask if I had read the news, "He's gonna start against Alabama and we're going to win 67-0, and he's going to throw for 25 touchdowns this year and only 7 interceptions."

Mark it.

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