Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lazy Summer Blogging 101

So while Mattare would have you believe that its important to know your school's history and to keep up to date on your team's recruiting, it is, but summer isn't about what's important. It's about not caring that your team only has two commits, one a 2 star tight end that only Bucknell and Delaware would have. It's about making beach plans at work. It's about reading blogs, not writing them.

Despite all this, I want my name to remain under "contributors" because I know that there's a 2010 football season ahead. I want to be here when Notre Dame fans will whip themselves into a frenzy over a new QB 1 and a new coach. I want to be here when excuses start to be made after they lose to a sneaky Michigan team. I want to be here when Tom Bradley's ever-stingy defense wills Penn State to a 9-4 record and I can know that that's as bad as it's going to get for the next 3 years, while Irish beat writers republish all the Charlie Weis articles from 2007 and just switch out the names.

Penn State Offseason Notes:

Recruiting has been terribly slow. As it stands now we only have Kyle Carter (2* TE) and Shawn Oakman (4* DE). Oakman says he wants to play basketball for us too. Standing 6'8" I say do it, but take it from a zero sport athlete: being a two sport athlete AND a student is taxing. He would be someone to get excited about until you realize Pitt snatched Marquise Wright, who was a hard Penn State lean. We continue to struggle locking up PA talent like a state powerhouse should. There was some speculation that Notre Dame commitment Ben Koyack was being recruited by Penn State, this is completely false as he is a goober and we don't recruit those.

Recruits we need to land: CBs Terrell Chestnut and Kyshoen Jarrett

WR Miles Shuler from NJ

OLs Angelo Mangiro and Cyrus Kouandjio

DEs Deion Barnes and and DT Shaun Underwood

Hey, the Big Ten expanded too. I didn't want to add the college football expansion internet saturation so I didn't write anything (nothing to do with anything I said in paragraph #1.) As you know Nebraska joined and we averted potential conference apocalypse. I'm happy about this, the next order of business is breaking down the league into divisions and I have to say that I like ESPN's Adam Rittenberg's take on this:

Go out and buy Big Boi's "Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty" for some funky southern hip hop to get you through the impossibly hot summer. Stay away from that Purp tho! You don't want to end up like JaMarcus Russell.

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