Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 13, 2010: A National Holiday

Hardcore college football fans have three big offseason events to look forward to every year:

1. National Signing Day
2. The Release of the Phil Steele Preview Magazine
3. The Release of EA Sports NCAA Football

That third holiday arrived today, which meant that at lunch I had to make a trip to Gamestop to pick up NCAA Football 2011--a great moment even though it meant spending $60 on a product with Tim Tebow's mug on it. Tonight I popped in the game, watched the awesome new intro (which is narrated by Brad Nessler and totally sans any scenes involving Penn State or their hideous stadium...a big thumbs up to EA Sports this year), and then listened to Kirk Herbstreit analyze how Dayne Crist was dissecting the Tulsa defense (come on, I had to start with a cream puff).

Bill, frequent WNG commenter the Lord of Shots, and I are among 12 guys partaking in an online dynasty over the course of the fall/winter/spring. I'm sure the trash-talking from that league will spill over on to this site, so much so that Bill may decide to throw up a post or two to cut down his average time between posts in 2010 (he's currently pumping them out at a whopping pace of one every 2.2 months...only slightly ahead of Penn State's pace in recruiting for the class of 2011)!

I think our buddy Ross summed it up best with a text he sent after his first spin with NCAA 2011: "Just beat Alabama in OT. God damn I can't wait for the real season to start."

Amen, Ross*. Just 53 days until opening weekend. It can't come soon enough.

(* = Just don't expect Penn State to have a prayer in real life when they head to Tuscaloosa. But hey, you'll always have those little digital men with the big hearts who knocked off the Tide that memorable day in July. So you've got that going for you...which is nice.)

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