Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Irish Fantasy Draft: Rounds 7 & 8

We're back from a weekend hiatus with rounds seven and eight. The ticker should now updated as well.

7.01 (UHND) - Trevor Laws DE

"My team certainly has bigger needs, but I am going to secure another player at a position where Notre Dame has lack playmakers over the last 20 years. Laws 100+ tackle season in 2007 was absurd and he will team very nicely with Anthony Weaver on my defensive line." - Frank

7.02 (Domer Law) - Autry Denson, RB

"I'm amazed nobody has picked the most productive running back in the past 20 years, so I'm going to do that right now." - Wacko

7.03 (Her Loyal Sons) - Mike Rosenthal, OT

7.04 (WeNeverGraduate) - Reggie Brooks, RB

"My squad is going to be committed to running the ball early and often so I'll snatch up a guy who averaged a staggering 8.0 yards per carry his senior season. The only player to average more in ND history? George Gipp (8.1ypc). That's not bad company to be in." - Mattare

7.05 (Subway Domer) - Ray Zellars, FB

"Super Beast Mode." - Subway Domer

7.06 (Irish Illustrated) - Derrick Mayes, WR

"I’m having a hard time believing Mayes is still on the board at the end of round seven, so I’m going to add him to my receiving corps that already includes Golden Tate. Mayes could have put up numbers comparable to Tate and Michael Floyd if he played in a more modern Irish offense. Now he will." - Pete

8.01 (Irish Illustrated) - Tim Ruddy, C

"I’ve got to make a play for an offensive lineman at some point, so I’m starting with genius center Tim Ruddy. All the guy did was start on the ’92 and ’93 teams while carrying a 4.0 grade point average both years. A 10-year NFL career followed. My team shouldn’t have any trouble calling out protection schemes." - Pete

8.02 (Subway Domer) - Gerome Sapp, S

"Sapp will be the perfect companion to Burris. Sapp was one of the more underrated players for the Irish in the past 20 years." - Subway Domer

8.03 (WeNeverGraduate) - Jim Flanigan, DT

"I'm continuing the defensive avalanche and picking up the perfect cog to stick next to Bryant Young on the interior of my 4-3 front. Flanigan and BY were both 10+ sack guys in the NFL and will provide a dynamic pass rush right up the gut of the opposing offense. Jim will be ready to strike another SI cover pose with the same caption after this team takes the top spot." - Mattare

8.04 (Her Loyal Sons) - Kory Minor, LB

8.05 (Domer Law) - Vontez Duff, CB

"The first player in ND history to return an interception, kickoff, and punt for a touchdown in the same season. Plus, a hell of a cornerback." - Wacko

8.06 (UHND) - Mike Gandy, G

"It is about time I pick an offensive lineman and I'll start with the Buffalo Bills 3rd round pick in 2001 NFL Draft. Gandy was the Guardian of the Year in 2000 and was one mean, tough lineman who will anchor the interior OL on this squad." - Frank

- - - - - - - - - -

Still very pleased with how my squad is shaping up. The talent pool at running back is pretty deep so it's tempting to wait awhile to grab one, but I couldn't imagine the guy who averaged eight yards per carry would be around much longer so it was time to make a move. A lot of people may forget just how good Reggie Brooks.

Sure, everyone remembers the catch in the back of the endzone to win the Snow Bowl over Penn State and the touchdown against Michigan where he was knocked unconscious (he also showed us during that run that Corwin may not be the best person to coach players on how to tackle). But those were just two plays and this guy averaged EIGHT YARDS PER CARRY!

Come on, let's go to the tape. Pay close attention to the 58 second mark when he finds and hits a crease between three members of the Southern Cal secondary and gets through it so quickly they don't even get a hand on him.

So beautiful that it brings a damn tear to the eye.

With my 8th rounder I scooped up Jim Flanigan, a relentless, athletic tackle who also happened to be Bryant Young's running mate on the interior during the 1993 campaign. The duo terrorized defenses and made life a living hell for Charlie Ward in 1993's Game of the Century against Florida State.

My goal going into this draft was to put together a defensive line that would dominate any offensive line another owner threw out there. We'll, we're a little over a quarter of the way through the draft and I've already locked down the #1 and #3 defensive tackles on my board as long as the #2 defensive end. So far so good if I do say so myself...


  1. Shame the quality is so wretched on the Reggie Brooks film, would love a clear view of his moves

  2. Better than nothing. I can still clearly make out the Trojans left in his wake.