Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The boys are back at it and closing in on the finish line. Hinkle has what looks to be an insurmountable lead heading into the home stretch but you never know...

Can Chuck and Mattare make a charge? Will Hinkle falter? Will Mikey have all his fingers intact at Christmas after his bookie gets through with him? Stay tuned...

Week 12 Results

1. Mattare: $167…All-in weekend goes as planned on all fronts.

2. Hinkle: $26He's just looking to coast to victory.

3. Mikey: -$8Treading water--but not really.

4. Chuck: -$171Aloha means goodbye to Chuck's chances.

Week 12 Standings

1. Hinkle: $490.50…All he has to do is avoid something stupid.

2. Mattare: $131.10…He's back from the dead...but is it too late?

3. Chuck: -$94.37A crushing blow has Chuck back in the red.

4. Mikey: -$258Very cozy in the basement.

Week 13 Pick Summary

Hinkle: Bama > Aub, EM > NI, EM-NI (Over), Boise > Nev

Mattare: TCU > NM, BC > Syr, NCST > Mary, GT > Geo

Chuck: Tex > TAMU, Tul > SM, SC > ND, Clem > SC

Mikey: Tex > TAMU, Pitt > WV, Bama-Aub (Under), Neb > Colo


Josh, tell us why this week is/was pretty sweet. Ok I will.

A. The first bachelor party of our friends is heading to Vegas thanks to Mattare's plunge.
B. I took in a game live at the Smurf Turf.
C. I am leaving today for a weekend at the beach for Thanksgiving.
D. Thanksgiving Football
E. Auburn vs Bama, Oregon vs Arizona, Boise vs Nevada BACK to BACK to BACK!!!!
F. One week closer to cashing in on my prize.

Game #1: Alabama (-4) over Auburn...$11 to win $10

I need them to win so so so so bad for Boise to get a shot at the title game. As a college football fan what more could you want. As a Bronco fan what more could I want. Christmas can come as early as 5pm Friday. Nick Saban and Co. will not allow the Tigers to come in and win this game. They give up too many points to get away with it this week vs Alabama on the road. Roll Tide Roll!!

Game #2: Eastern Michigan (+23.5) over Northern Illinois...$11 to win $10

98% of the public is on Northern Illinois. Ill go with Vegas. Plus, I had to sit with their women's basketball team on a plane from Salt Lake to Detroit Monday. For having to look at that sight I feel the football crew will give me this one.

Game #3: Eastern Michigan-Northern Illinois (UNDER 61)...$11 to win $10

UNI- 34 EMU- 23

Game #4: Boise State (-14) over Nevada...$110 win $99

Nevada beat Fresno two weeks ago by 1. Last week when I walked out of the stadium with 5 minutes left in the game Boise had 29 first downs and Fresno had 7 rushing yards. 51-0 Broncos. Looking for Auburn to fall and Boise to play beyond inspired. Their defense is super fast and they have 5-6 helmets on the ball each play. I know Nevada is good as I have rooted for them the entire year so this game would mean something for the Broncos in the polls and it certainly will if they win. Here is to beating Nevada, jumping TCU, and jumping Auburn.


Came up big last weekend but I'm still only about 1/4 of the way up the mountain. Can't control what Hinkle does so it's time to keep pushing for the big bucks.

Game #1: TCU (-43.5) over New Mexico...$130 to win $117

This is a monster line, but the Horned Frogs have one last chance to make a statement that they should be in the BCS Title Hunt ahead of Boise State. This is going to be an absolute bloodbath along the lines of 60-0.

Game #2: Boston College (+130) over Syracuse…$10 to win $13

How the HELL did BC get back into the bowl picture?!?!?!?!

Game #3: NC State (-2) over Maryland...$50 to win $45

The Terps' slide from legit bowl to crappy bowl to continues.

Game #4: Georgia Tech (+13.5) over Georgia...$10 to win $9

The Dawgs are just laying too many points for a rivalry game.


Is it time to pick some college hoops games yet?

Game #1: Texas (+3.5) over Texas A&M...$90 to win $81.82

I have to go with the home underdog here. The 'Horns need this one to gain bowl eligibility and salvage what's left of a disappointing season. Ryan Tannehill has been a nice story for the Aggies, but Texas will be plenty motivated and I believe they have the superior talent in this one. Hook 'Em!

Game #2: Tulsa (-3.5) over Southern Miss...$90 to win $81.82

I have to go with my homeboys here. GJ Kinne, Damaris Johnson, and company will provide plenty of points for Tulsa's much improved defense to work with. The Golden Hurricanes need a win here to have a shot at landing in the Conference USA Championship Game.

Game #3: The Real USC (-4) over Notre Dame...$10 to win $9

With or without Barkley, there is no way this spread should be less than 5. The Coliseum has been a house of horrors for the Irish as the Trojans have won the last 4 in LA by an average of 29 points. I really hope I'm wrong on this one...

Game #4: Clemson (+3) over
...$10 to win $9

Yet another trip to the alma mater for this weekend, and strangely I couldn't be more excited. In what has been nothing short of a disappointing season for my Tigers, a win here is the only preseason goal they can still obtain. The 7 pm kickoff allows ample time for this, that, these, and those. Good luck Shamecocks!


Really wish I wasn't so far back because this is a great college football weekend. At least my misery is ending (all lines from

Game #1: Texas (+3.5) over Texas A&M...$44 to win $40

Texas needs a positive end to the season and A&M can't be this consistent.

Game #2: Pitt (-3) over West Virginia...$44 to win $40

Pitt continues it's strong finish.

Game #3: The Iron Bowl (Under 58.5)...$44 to win $40

There will be more D in this game than any Auburn game this season.

Game #4: Nebraska (-16.5) over Colorado...$44 to win $40

Bo Pelini is one great motivator, ask Taylor Martinez.

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