Thursday, November 11, 2010


Hinkle’s lead continues to grow and with less than a month left in the regular season the three chasers are in pretty dire straits. Is there a big charge in store? Let’s recap last week's bloodbath and roll the Week 11 picks out.

Week 10 Results

1. Chuck: $86.35…Delivers a big, necessary bounce-back week

2. Mikey: -$8Could the hemorrhaging finally be stopping?

3. Hinkle: -$79Doing everything he can to let people back in it.

4. Mattare: -$126.50First 0-for of the year.

Week 10 Standings

1. Hinkle: $411.50…Still comfortably in the lead.

2. Chuck: $85.73…Big swing zips him by Mattare.

3. Mattare: $3.10…It’s been a long drop back to even.

4. Mikey: -$242Livin’ in the red.

Week 11 Summary

Hinkle: Colo > ISU, BSU-ID (Over), USC-Az (Over), FINT > Troy

Mattare: OU > A&M, TCU-UT (Under), BSU-Haw (Over), SC > ASU

Chuck: UConn > Pitt, IU > Wisc, Neb > Kans, USF > Lou

Mikey: BC > Duke, Wisc > IU, ISU > Colo, Geo > Aub

Gamblers Breakdown


Still in the lead but not doing it the way I would like. Last few weeks have been pretty bland so its time to get back with a bang and take an even stronger lead on the "competition". One more week before I release my Play of the Year. Fasten your seat belts kids. No explanations need...just straight cash homie. Sit back and watch the lead grow!

Game #1: Colorado (+2.5) over Iowa State…$27.50 to win $25

Trap line city. ISU should have won last week vs. Nebraska...Hawkins just got fired and Colorado is only getting 2.5. Give me one reason I should bet on Colorado....yea I can't think of one either so I will take them.

Game #2: Boise State-Idaho (Over 63)…$44 to win $40

I wasn't sure if this line was for the 1st half or the game...then I realized it was for the game. BINGO.

Game #3: USC-Arizona (Over 59.5)…$22 to win $20

Even though Lane Kiffin said he cannot go for 4 after a TD, I feel this is the week he tries to do it for the first time in NCAA history.

Game #4: Florida International (+9) over Troy…$11 to win $10

Have you seen FLINT play lately? Are they really getting 9 points!!! Have you seen that offense? Yeah, I haven't either.


As I am sure many of you know, it is Matt's birthday this week. Being the nice guy that I am, I am going to give him more than a terrible hangover for his birthday: how about some winners?

Game #1: UConn (+6) over Pitt…$50 to win $45.45

With a victory here, Pitt would all but secure a league conference title by going 2 games up on all pursuers in the putrid Big East. This definitely qualifies as a big game for the Panthers, which means it's time for a classic Dave Wannstedt choke job. This is the same UConn team that many experts touted as a favorite to win the league, and with a win here they might be able to sneak in the back door and do it. This is a season-defining game for the Huskies, and I expect the envrionment in Storrs to be somewhat amped. If Jordan Todman can find enouch creases in the Pitt defense and the Huskies can force Tino Sunseri to make plays downfield, this will be a long night for The Fighting Wannstaches.

Game #2: Indiana (+21.5) over Wisconsin…$50 to win $45.45

Has anyone seen this Indiana passing attack operate this year? Ben Chappell is throwing for nearly 300 yards per contest, easily tops in the Big Ten, and if it weren't for a dropped touchdown reception last week they would have taken down #13 Iowa. Don't get me wrong, Wisconsin has one of the top defenses in the Big Ten, and they will have their fans jumping around at Camp Randall. I just think that Indiana's offense keeps this within two scores at the end of the day. Besides, how could I pull for a school that has the drinking tendencies of a high school cheerleading squad? Advantage: Hoosiers.

Game #3: Nebraska (-34.5) over Kansas…$50 to win $45.45

Dan Hawkins gave the Jayhawk Faithful an early Christmas present last week, but don't expect Bo Pelini and company to be so nice this week. The Huskers' high-powered Big Red Machine will light the scoreboard up agains the worst defense in the Big 12.

Game #4: South Florida (+3) over Louisville…$50 to win $45.45

After losing their first two conference games, USF has rattled off two straight wins. The Bulls have arguably the fastest defense in the conference. Lousiville head coach Charlie Strong knows a thing or two about defense, having brough the success he had as the defensive coordinator at Florida to the Cardinals' D: they have held their opponents to under 300 yards of total offense their last 3 games. In the end, I think BJ Daniels makes enough plays to lead USF to victory at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. Besides, aren't Cardinal fans more concerned about kicking off hoops season at the combination KFC/Cardinals' Basketball Arena? Let the Pizza Hut - Papa John's fued begin!!!


I’m mired in a terrible cold streak. Like Dan Hawkins cold. Maybe I should just take up poker or some sort of poker games instead. Or perhaps I could teach this poor girl how to run the 110 meter hurdles. All lines are from Sportsbook.

Game #1: Michigan (-13) over Purdue…$66 to win $60

The Boilers are down to their third string quarterback, which means they won’t be able to exploit the Skunkbears’ JV defense. Combine that with Denard running buckwild and you’ve got a blowout. These back-to-back wins will probably get Rich Rod a stay of execution, which is good news for Irish fans.

Game #2: Cal (+20) over Oregon…$33 to win $30

Two reasons for this. First, every team has a hiccup over the course of the season—even one as prolific as the Ducks. That hiccup doesn’t mean they’ll lose, it just means they won’t play great. Secondly, Cal has been absolutely ROLLING at home. They thrashed Colorado, UCLA, and Arizona State by 4+ touchdowns per game. The Bears don’t pull the upset, but they keep it close enough to cover.

Game #3: Virginia Tech (-3.5) over North Carolina…$33 to win $30

The Heels just don’t have the horses to compete with a red hot Hokie team. Virginia Tech can smell that ACC Championship.

Game #4: Air Force (-33) over New Mexico…$33 to win $30

The Lobos are horrendous and have given up 300+ yards rushing in each of their past two games. Guess what Air Force does really, really, really well? The Zoomies roll on Senior Day in Colorado Springs.


My fall to rock bottom is becoming epic, I've become the Wade Phillips of college football picking and there is no worse feeling. To restore some confidence I've started a program to teach inner city kids how to do the Dougie so anyone needing community service hours just let me know. (All lines from

Game #1: Boston College (-3.5) over Duke…$44 to win $40

Duke is playing way too well (for them) and needs to be put back in their place. BC is pretty bad but they still have a shot at a bowl and will need this win if they want to keep that alive. I say they get it.

Game #2: Wisconsin (-21.5) over Indiana…$44 to win $40

Indiana should have beat Iowa last week but dropped the winning TD in the final minute. This week they'll still be disappointed about losing out on the opportunity and Wisconsin will run them over for it.

Game #3: Iowa St. (-2.5) over Colorado…$44 to win $40

No more Dan Hawkins, no more strippers at Colorado. I say it's a bad move for the team and all their incentive to play is gone, give me the Cyclones.

Game #4: Georgia (+8.5) over Auburn…$44 to win $40

There's just wayyyy too much speculation about Cam Newton nowadays and it has to be affecting him and the rest of the team. Auburn may have a tough time winning another game this year and I think they'll struggle against a solid Georgia team this week. Give me the points.


  1. My favorite part of this post is the JIM KLEINSASSER jersey in the Indiana tailgating picture

  2. YESSSSS Mikey took Iowa State so I know I will at least win the Colorado game!

  3. Seriously though...someone have a big week so I feel the need to put effort into this instead of scrolling on scoresandodds, pointing to a game, and then flipping a coin!

  4. Dip: somewhere Robert Smith is proud.