Saturday, November 6, 2010


We're headed into the home stretch and the boys have taken a serious hit. For the first time all year everyone took a relatively significant hit with Mikey's $198 nosedive representing the floor. With a little over a month left in the regular season it's time to right the ship.

Week 9 Results

1. Hinkle: -$68The year of Hinkle - he loses and still wins on the week.

2. Mattare: -$89Back-to-Back heavy losses widen Hinkle's lead.

3. Chuck: -$142.73Goes 3-1 but his beloved Tigers lay a giant egg.

4. Mikey: -$198Another 0-for-everything week solidifies his anchor position.

Week 9 Standings

1. Hinkle: $490.50…Will he ride out a W conservatively or keep going big?

2. Mattare: $129.60…The only man within miles of Hinkle.

3. Chuck: -$0.62Back to ground zero.

4. Mikey: -$234Start playing taps.

Week 10 Pick Summary

Hinkle: NW > PSU, CSU-SDSU (Over), BSU > Haw, Tex > KSU

Mattare: OU > A&M, TCU-UT (Under), BSU-Haw (Over), SC > ASU

Chuck: Tul > Rice, ISU > Neb, KSU > Tex, USC > ASU

Mikey: Clem > NCSU, Army > AF, TCU > UT, A&M > OU

Gamblers Breakdown


Well I could have went 3-1 last week if ANYONE scored in the 4th qtr of the Oklahoma game but nooooooo. Not suprised ND let me down they do it to their fan base every time they take the field so why would they do anything better for me. 2-2 week and I lost money but everyone else did worse so my lead continues to grow. Nothing crazy here, everyone can catch me if they can.

Game #1: Northwestern (+6) over Penn State...$33 to win $30

Dan Persa is coming to give a GIANT EFF YOU to PSU for not signing him. Bank it.

Game #2: Colorado St. - Whale's Vagina St. (OVER 57)...$22 to win $20

I have been impressed with CSU this year even though it has been rough at times. They find a way to put points up but never seem to get enough in the end. Hopefully this turns into a shootout.

Game #3: Boise State (-21) over Hawaii...$22 to win $20

Chuck said never bet on your team. I agree unless rule 2.14 Section C occurs:

2.14 (C) - You run over everyone you play and the computers say screw you and give you no respect even though all you do is win.

Game #4: Texas (-4) over Kansas State...$44 to win $40

I like the 'Horns in this spot. I think they get a solid win after a horrible effort last week.


I've gotten sloppy as I often do over the course of a college football season. I get lazy and stop doing the research and start making my bets bigger and going more and more "with my gut." Where has that gotten me? Nowhere. We're back in the saddle this week and we're going to start chipping away at Hinkle's lead. I'm comin' for you Joshua.

Game #1: Oklahoma (-3.5) over Texas A&M...$33 to win $30

The Sooners have won seven straight in this series by an average score of 49-19. I think Vegas is being fooled by the Aggies' win over Texas Tech last weekend. Frankly, Tech is a team with a head coach that has only one foot in their offensive philosophy. I'm surprised they've done as well as they have to date. Oklahoma needs a W to continue their track to the Big 12 Title and they get it in Aggieland.

Game #2: TCU - Utah (Under 51.5)...$33 to win $30

Only one time in the last five years have they combined for more than 47 points. These are two teams with rock solid defenses and offenses that haven't been tested much to date. I think TCU is the better team but it's going to be a struggle for the Horned Frogs in Salt Lake City. I see an ugly, low-scoring affair on deck along the lines of last year's Fiesta Bowl.

Game #3: Hawaii-Boise State (Over 66)...$27.50 to win $25

Boise hasn't scored less than 48 points against a Non-AQ school and Hawaii's defense isn't exactly what we'd call "smothering." This game could very easily turn into a 55-28 type game on the Smurf Turf.

Game #4: Southern Cal (-5.5) over Arizona State...$33 to win $30

Why is Vegas sleeping on Southern Cal so much this year? Do they hate Lane Kiffin as much as most reasonable and educated people do? Southern Cal may be on probation and may not be able to keep up with the Blur at Oregon (not that anyone can), but they're still chock full of talent and have played pretty damn well over the last month. Arizona State has hung tough in a couple close losses this year (Wisconsin, Oregon State, Oregon) but they're also capable of laying a monster stinker like they did on the road at Cal. They're in store for a thrashing in the Coliseum.


My picks failed last week...and for that, I'm sorry.

Game #1: Tulsa (-18.5) over Rice...$50 to win $45.45

That's right, I called it last week with Tulsa. A Category 6 Hurricane blew through Notre Dame Stadium, and I don't expect it to be downgraded to a tropical storm anytime soon. The public is expecting a letdown from the Golden Hurricanes, but I don't see it against a Rice team that is giving up 432 yards and 35 points per game. On a side note, Mike Mayock wants to use Damaris Johnson's sperm to artificially insiminate his wife so that she can have quick twitch children.

Game #2: Iowa St. (+19) over Nebraska...$50 to win $45.45

How quickly we forget that Iowa St. won on the road at Texas a few weeks ago. Texas has not been very good this year, but they did beat Nebraska. Combine this with the fact that it is a home game for the Cyclones, and this game stays within 2 scores.

Game #3: Kansas St. (+5) over Texas...$50 to win $45.45

The Fighting Bill Snyders already have cost me $170 this year, but I have to go back to them in this matchup. Texas has taken a nosedive since knocking off Nebraska in Lincoln, and the Wildcats lost a tough one last week. Texas' defense has allowed a 100-yard rusher the past two weeks, and this week will not be any different with Daniel Thomas running wild.

Game #4: USC (-5.5) over Arizona State...$50 to win $45.45

I am I missing something with this spread? USC is only laying 5.5 to a middle-of-the-road ASU team? I know USC has taken some steps backward under Lane Kiffin, but the talent discrepancy between these two teams is immense. Dennis Erickson hasn't beaten a Pac-10 team that didn't hail from the state of Washington since October of 2008. Advantage: Trojans


Sorry the analysis is short, putting in 60 hours this week and starting to play the lottery HARD. I've got nothing to say about last week--start digging my grave (all lines from

Game #1: Clemson (-3.5) over NC State...$44 to win $40

Letdown city.

Game #2: Army (+6.5) over Air Force...$44 to win $40

Academy showdown, pride will keep it close.

Game #3: TCU (-5) over Utah...$44 to win $40

I had to pick this game because either way the BCS is losing. Suck it BCS, I hope this is the death of you.

Game #4: Texas A&M (+3) over Oklahoma...$44 to win $40

I hate Bob Stoops.

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