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Temple Basketball 2010: The Latest Preview...Ever

Are we already in to the conference season of college basketball? Sure, but that doesn't mean it's too late for Temple's favorite son John Yackabonis to unleash his season preview for the Owls. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Dear We Never Graduate Followers,

It's me, John. You might know me from all of the subversive, groundbreaking work that changed the face of this website. Or perhaps you’re familiar with all of the generous charity work I imagine I’ll get around to one of these days. Most of you have wondered, where is John? Is he working for another website? Did he die from making love to too many women? Is he living on the moon? Well in short.... yes to the last two.

Let me start off this masterpiece with taking some time out to deal with my first great writing that most critics proclaimed as Nobel laureate worthy. Well Temple Football you sure did make my face red after this season. Yes, I never believed you could turn it around. Then you did and made me eat a huge helping of humble pie. Well ya got me. Unfortunately we lost to UCLA in the Eagle Bank Bowl, but hell, I never thought that we'd even be there. Hopefully we can build from here on out and make this work.

But now onto my assignment from Editor Matt Mattare's desk: Temple Basketball preview. Well... it seems Temple is 11-3, but I'll go on with the preview for our other A-10 writer Mikey.

G Ryan Brooks Sr - Ryan has done a great job, doing everything Temple fans I assume think he'd do. He's our do-it-all guy. He's our best defender and he's lived up to the billing. A solid all around player that I'm sure there's a lot of teams out there that regret not recruiting this guy. He's the leader of this team and he's been spectacular so far in his Temple career.

G Juan Fernandez Soph - Here is a guy that I thought was completely over hyped when he came to Temple last year. Once again I was proven wrong. Fernandez, has come into his own this season and has put up big numbers against quality opponents. Forget about the Kansas game, everyone played terrible, Fernandez has been living up to his hype and I could not be happier.

G Luis Guzman Sr - Guzman is hands down my favorite player on this team. Now it's my time to go off on this with my opinion. It seems every year Temple fans jump on one player and bash him till no end. I have also been guilty of this. This year it's been Guzman. Well Mr. Guzman I have your back. Two years ago everyone was on Tyndale, last year everyone was on Inge, this year it's Guzman. Guzman is a D1 starting point guard and I know for a lot of people it's hard to understand how talented he actually is. Guzman played for the Dominican Republic National Team, he's got talent. Just because he doesn't score as much as people would like does not make terrible like people make it seem. He's an excellent defender and I do not know him personally, but from his first few years with Temple and his playing time not being that great, you know the guy has a great attitude for sticking with us and working his tail off to earn the starting PG spot this year. The guy has lead us to a 11-3 record! Get off his case. I'll take a winner anyday and that's what Guzman is. So Luis Guzman I got your back.

F Lavoy Allen Jr - Allen is another guy who has lived up to his billing. Every now and again he does not show up offensively like I want, but then like most fans forget he does not have a lot of help down low. Allen has a lot of talent, A LOT, but he needs some help. He really is not getting any right now and his basically playing the entire game, which is even more credit to what he's done and shows how good he really is. He a beast on the boards and his offense is still turning out better than I thought. He might be the best player on this team right now and that's saying something.

C/F Michael Eric Soph - The jury is still out on Eric. He's been battling injuries this season and has not been playing that much. He seems like a talented young guy, but give this guy time. Remember what our coaching staff did with Sergio? I think Eric has a higher ceiling than Sergio, so let's give him some time. Remember too it usually takes longer for big men to develop. He's very serviceable right now so here is to hoping he keeps getting better during the season.


We aren't the deepest this year, but a lot of guys have been stepping up from game to game.

F Craig Williams Jr - Williams is a puzzle to me. So games he's great, some games I do not even know if he plays. I know it's frustrating for some fans that Williams is not your traditional big man, but he does have a sweet stroke from outside. Consistency is something Williams needs to bring to the table and that has been a problem so far.

G Ramone Moore Frosh - Moore has provided a spark off the bench in a few games. Moore seems like he could be a key contributor to this team, but instead he's just another player who needs to be more consistent.

F Rahlir Jefferson Frosh - Jefferson has been a pleasant surprise for at least for me this season. What I have seen from him this season he's shown flashes of brilliance. Once again though, he's a young guy. Give him time and I think he's going to turn out to be a beast.

F Scootie Randall Soph - Maybe it's just me, but I am just trying to figure out Randall. He has had one good game this season for us and that was pretty much it. He seems like he can help this team. I hope he puts it together and maybe everything will work out for this young guy.

As of right now, I'm pumped for this season. To be honest after losing Christmas, Inge and, Olmos I thought this would be a rebuilding year. We it does not seem that way.

And before you start going and saying how I'm an idiot and how I'm not informed or have no real team insight, this is my opinion. You didn't have to read it. You can start your own blog and go off about how I'm a moron. I wouldn't read it, but I'm sure it would get a lot of hits. I'm pretty rockin

We Never Graduate Extra

I do still go to open gyms at around the Lehigh Valley and Darrun Hilliard is a great young man that Temple does have interest in. He's an excellent player already and he is still growing. He's a silky smooth lefty with a nice touch. He would be a great addition to this team, but he wants to go to Syracuse. Hopefully for us he'll come to Temple though. No matter where he goes Hilliard is an upstanding young man and I'll be a fan of him no matter what his decision is.

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