Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Guru Breakdown: Kyle Brindza

There's a lot going on in the college football world right now--from sanctions to conference implosions to commissioners slapping together "superconferences" without much thought about anything but increasing the coffers. We'll address that all in due time...but first, A LITTLE GUUUURRUUUUU!

Kyle Brindza
Position: Kicker
Height/Weight: 6'2 195
Hometown: Canton, Michigan
Stats: 6 for 10 FG's
Offer List: Michigan
Of Note: Rated Top 5 Kicker Nationally

Lots of power....Kicks the ball through the uprights on kickoffs...Will definitely be able to get touchbacks when kicking off from the college starting point (30 yard line)...Also claims to have made a 64 yard field goal in practice...Good footwork on field goals.

Seems to struggle with accuracy as a field goal kicker (6 for 10)...Also does not get the lift he needs to avoid getting blocked on field goals...His leg power on kickoffs does not transfer to punting...His punting is also very inconsistent--he can boom a kick 60 yards and then have the next kick go 35 (so think a rich man's Eric Maust--Maust used to boom a kick 45 yards and shank one 20).

Our last four kickers/punters that we've given scholarships are Nick Taush, Ben Turk, Brandon Walker, and Ryan Burkhart. With the exception of Taush's first 13 field goals, this crew has struggled miserably. I would rather have offered a scholarship to Dip as a "Hype Man" than have wasted a scholarship on Burkhart or Walker. Does Craig Hentrich have a kid yet????

Brindza will have the kickoff duties from the moment he steps on campus but will remain a backup for field goals and punting at least for a few years. His quickest way onto the field for field goals may be as a long-distance field goal specialist. There's plenty of potential with Brindza, but if the last slew of kickers we've given schollies has taught us anything it's that nothing is even remotely guaranteed.

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  1. All around great kid! Got to meet and talk with him this weekend at a camp. He will be a great addition to ND!