Sunday, August 14, 2011

WeNeverGraduate: RELOADED

Is it coincidence that my life was turned upside down the very night I posted an article proclaiming to Irish Nation that I actually like Mark May? Probably not.

(Just in case, I renounce my previous statements complimenting Mark May. Sorry Mark, rather be safe than sorry.)

The point of this post is to announce we're reopening the doors:

Tuesday, we'll kick things off with the preseason Irish Blogger Gathering hosted by the guys at Her Loyal Sons. From there, who knows? Maybe we can pry Bill into a Two Dudes, One Post. Maybe we'll open up the mailbag. Maybe we'll bring Hinkle in for a guest spot from his new home on the West Coast. Hell, throw out some ideas and we'll run with them.

Get the internet version of Paul Revere and tell him to sound the horn. We're back because dammit, we need to provide another website to entertain the Lord of Shots, Zeiser, and Drake at work.


  1. Oh here's an idea...I think you should do like a point/counter point type thing as a preview for some of the games. Get someone from the opposing team to write why their team will win (accessing strengths, weaknesses, etc.) and then you discuss the same for ND and talk about how the team's measure up.

    I have a friend who I know would love to write one for the Maryland game (and I promise it's not Jon!)

  2. I'm crying on my keyboard I'm so happy!

  3. Would love to spar with Jon. Just tell him to leave his clown shoes at home.

  4. Upon reading this, I immediately left work, purchased a bottle of the world's finest liqour (Rumplestiltskin), and consumed it.

  5. Bring me in from the sidelines!