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Boy oh boy, the Bodogs have been turned upside down in the past month. Hinkle's giant lead has not only evaporated, but now he has his own mountain to climb heading into the final slate of games. Tulsa's huge moneyline victory has propelled Chuck into prime position for an unlikely season victory. Mattare has continued his steady rise since the third week of November and finally has taken over the top spot. Mikey

Mattare, Chuck, and Hinkle are all in the hunt heading into the BCS games. Here's a quick breakdown of the standings followed by the final week of picks.

Non-BCS Bowl Results
1. Chuck: $566…Holy Bang-a-rang, Chuck's back!
2. Mikey: $95…Could he make a Cinderella run at breaking even?
3. Mattare: $57…Could being conservative come back to bite him?
4. Hinkle: -$198...Epically bad timing for a terrible week

Updated Season Standings
1. Mattare: $447.10…The question becomes will he hold on.
2. Chuck: $338.90…No one saw this coming, not even GJ Kinne.
3. Hinkle: $200.50…First time he's not the leader since Week #2.
4. Mikey: -$299…Not even Tim Tebow could will him to a victory.

BCS Picks Summary
Mattare: Stanford > VT, Wisconsin > TCU, Oregon > Auburn
Chuck: Wisconsin > TCU, UConn > Oklahoma, Oregon > Auburn
Hinkle: Arkansas (ML), UConn (ML), Oregon (ML)
Mikey: UConn > Oklahoma, Stanford > TCU, Auburn > Oregon


It's good to be in the top spot. One more week to victory...

Orange Bowl: Stanford (-3) over Virginia Tech...$110 to win $100

In my mind Stanford is one of the three best teams in the country. Virginia Tech has done a great job digging themselves out of the crater they created when they lost to James Madison in September, but they're just not in the same class as the Cardinal. My only worry is that Stanford will be distracted by all the Harbaugh-to-Michigan rumors...but I'm not that worried.

Rose Bowl: Wisconsin (+3) over TCU...$77 to win $70

Wisconsin has been steamrolling over opponents at the end of the year after looking shaky early on. If this game were played the first week of December I'd say Wisconsin rolls but normally teams that are so Jeykll & Hyde from the beginning and end of the season sputter out of the gate in the bowl game. I think Wisky gets it done but in a tight one.

National Championship: Oregon (+3) over Auburn...$66 to win $60

The Ducks have been absolutely unbelievable from start to finish this season. They had a taste of the BCS stage last year and that experience where they got their doors blown off in Pasadena will do them a lot of good this year. I'm surprised how most people seem pretty dismissive of Oregon. In what will go down as the best title game in five years, The Quack will come out of the gate strong and hold on for dear life in the end.



Rose Bowl: Wisonsin (+3) over TCU...$280 to win $254.55

The Badgers have looked mighty powerful in steamrolling through the Big Ten following their loss to Michigan State. For the loyal readers, you will remember that I took Indiana against the spread versus Wiscy and the Badgers proceeded to hang 83 points. I will not make the same mistake in this one. Andy Daulton scares me a bit with his heady play under center and his ability to make plays with his legs, but the Wisconsin offense can simply outscore the Frogs. TCU has one of the best defenses in the country, but they have not seen as powerful and balanced of an attack as they will see from the Badgers. I LOVE Wisconsin in this one.

Fiesta Bowl: UConn (+17) over Oklahoma...$10 to win $9.09

Bob Stoops has proven time and again that his teams do not perform well as heavy favorites in BCS games. The Sooners gifted Bill Stewart the head coaching job at West Virginia with the way they choked in the desert aginst the Mountaineers three years ago. You might also remember a little school called Boise State that made some noise against them in the very same game four years ago. The bottom line is that UConn is well-coached, gritty, and has a very underrated and scrappy running back in Jordan Todman. I think they easily keep this game within two scores, and might do just enough to pull out a win.

National Championship: Oregon (+3) over Auburn...$10 to win $9.09

First, let me say that this is the most I've looked forward to a National Championship game since Michael Vick and the Virginia Tech Hokies took on FSU in the 2000 Sugar Bowl. This is a classic case of the spread being crafted based on the conference that the teams play in, and not necessarily the quality of the teams themselves. The SEC deserves respect given their track record in National Championship games, and Auburn has certainly proven that they are one of the best teams in the country. It is just hard for me to think that Auburn's defense can legitimately slow down Oregon's Blur offense. Auburn simply cannot afford to fall behind in this one like they did in several games this year (cough, Clemson) because the Ducks will keep the peddle to the metal.

On a somewhat related note, I watched Mighty Ducks 3 this week for the first time in ten years and might have witnessed a moment in pickup artist history. Charlie Conway was talking to some hippy biscuit and stated that he couldn't believe she hadn't heard of the Mighty Ducks. Conway then slipped in, "They even named a professional team after us." If that doesn't work, I don't know what will.

Happy new year everybody, and remember that it was Hans who taught us to fly.


This is where I am not good at gambling. I knew big moneylines would be taken so I had to try to do something to get a nice lead and I failed miserably. Thats okay, in my books I was solid all year long but this "bowl season", catch-up, bet unrealistic crap is for the birds.

Sugar Bowl: Arkansas ML (+145) over Ohio State...$280 to win $406

I was thinking of taking Wisconsin so if the "small" school fails I would have something to cheer me up but I do not want to be put out of my misery yet. I want this losing streak to drag on for a few more days. Ryan Mallet former Wolverine will outplay Pryor and get the job done. Its that simple.

Fiesta Bowl: UConn ML (+475) over Oklahoma...$10 to win $47.50

Big Game Bob? How 'bout no.

National Championship: Oregon ML (+115) over Auburn...$10 to win $11.50

Newton runs out of Cammy Cam Juice.


Fiesta Bowl: Connecticut (+17) over Oklahoma...$165 to win $150

If you pick against Bob Stoops in the BCS it seems to work out pretty well. Let's keep it going.

Orange Bowl: Stanford (-1) over Virginia Tech...$82.50 to win $75

Virginia Tech finished its season on fire, going undefeated in the ACC and winning the conference title game. Stanford's been playing so consistently good all season, though, that it's hard not to be impressed and think they'll want to cap their best season ever with a BCS win. Harbaugh is a great coach and he keeps his guys motivated for thier most important game yet, making Stanford pride felt throughout the nation.

National Championship: Auburn (-2.5) over Oregon...$82.50 to win $75

Would Oregon even be close to the best team in the SEC? As they play now I think they would've had 3 or 4 losses in the SEC and somehow Auburn went through with none. A team going through the SEC undefeated should be handed a national title instantly, but Auburn will still earn theirs with a W over the Ducks. (Over/under on how many days Auburn will actually get to keep their national title: 7)

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