Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Channel that Karma...

National Signing Day has finally arrived. For recruitniks today is the equivalent of Christmas morning. I follow recruiting religiously but I certainly don't put this the holiday on the pedastal most others do. Perhaps it's because of the scars I've accumulated due to years of disappointments, starting with the first person to ever announce their commitment on ESPN Lorenzo "My head and heart say Notre Dame...but I gotta go to Florida State" Booker (to say I'm not upset that Lorenzo didn't really pan out is an understatement).

Historically ND has had zero luck on this godforsaken day with the very notable exception of Manti Te'o. Why is that? I think the biggest reason is simpler than people think. When you step on campus either you are swept up in the aura of the place or don't see what way it distinguishes itself from other big-time program. I really believe that the majority of big time Notre Dame recruits will always be on board far before they have a chance to do the hat dance. Will there be exceptions? Of course there will be, but I think we'll always bat a far lower average on this day than most elite schools and it won't be because of relevance or stature. It's because either the place clicks with you or it doesn't. When it clicks you're sold hook, line, and sinker and no matter what other schools can throw at you that you can't get at Notre Dame (easy classes/majors, weather that doesn't make you question your existence, an entire student body that owns at least three pairs of jorts) it won't make an impact.

Today we locked down Ohio offensive tackle Matt James which is solid, but also whiffed in the hat game with Christian Jones (FSU) and Ego Ferguson (LSU). The biggest (and only) fish still in the pond is Minnesota offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson, the mountain of a man that the Irish are still in the hunt for thanks to the efforts of former high school teammate Michael Floyd. The Irish are a long shot but have to be encouraged by the fact that Henderson retook the ACT in an attempt to become academically eligible to enroll at Notre Dame. Reeling him in would be a Te'o-sized shock that would officially announce Brian Kelly's presence as a big-time player on the national recruiting scene.

(Pardon me as I slip into Jay Bilas "I'm going to have a Q&A with myself" mode)

Is it a long-shot? Yes.

Will he probably end up playing for Lane Kiffin? Yes.

Have crazier things happened? Yes.

Did Seantrel respond "HELL YEAH" when my buddy Chops asked him whether he'd be coming to ND next year while he was on his official visit? Yes.

Was Seantrel eating four Reckers burgers stacked on top of one another when this encounter happened at 4am? Yes.

Was Michael Floyd berating him for being a fatty the entire time? Yes.

Is any of this relevant? I don't know.

Just in case, we'll throw up a picture of the best signing day in history. A lil' positivity can't hurt...

(Coming Soon - Two Dudes, One Post: Signing Day Edition)

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