Thursday, December 3, 2009


This season is mercifully coming to an end. Not only have my Irish taken the gas on the field, but Mikey stomped out any hope of saving face with another great week last week. I'm just totally deflated. Time for one last regular season go around.

Mattare's Lock of the Week: Houston (-1) over East Carolina

Crappy passing defense meets one of the most prolific passers in D-I and only gives one point. Seems iffy to me.

West Virginia (PK)...Last time I saw Rutgers they were getting stomped by Syracuse. West Virginia wins by more points than Noel Devine has kids (Is it 3? Is it 7? You just can't be sure).

Cincy (-2)...I'm not impressed by Pitt or their homefield advantage, not even a little. Only thing that could go wrong is a totally distracted Cincy team. But seriously, who is picking Wanny in a big game? Morons, that's who.

Illinois (PK)...It's an emotional end to the Juice Williams era.

Georgia Tech (PK)...I just think the Jackets are going to grind out a W.

Nebraska +14.5...Nebraska's D will give the 'Horns some trouble. And in case you haven't noticed, this title game has a history of huge upsets (Texas '96, Texas A&M '98, K-State '03).

USC -7...The Trojans remind Arizona they're still the boss.


Boise St -47...Yeah, you heard me. I'm not afraid of those points.

South Florida +7.5...UConn plays heartstoppers. I'll take the points.

Mikey's Lock of the Week: Rutgers (Pk) over West Virginia

Rutgers has been on a pretty good run lately and West Virginia just left everything they had on the filed in a dogfight with Pitt. The Scarlet Knights will end the regular season on a good note.

Oregon St. (+10.5)- Best game in college football. The Beavers are way too good to be getting so many points in this rivalry, look for it to be decided by one score or less.

Cincinnati (+1.5)- I know there's a huge distraction with Brian Kelly possibly leaving, but I can't believe that the Cats have come this far to give up now. This is going to be a great game but Cincy will pull it out and keep their title dreams alive.

Houston (-1)- Another team that has come too far, Houston will put up 60 and waltz into a good bowl.

Florida (-5)- The real BCS title game. I never pick against Tim Tebow, the streak continues.

Washington (+5.5)- The Huskies have Jake Locker for 1 more game and need to enjoy it.

Clemson (PK)- Georgia Tech needs Calvin Johnson back.

Wisconsin (-11.5)- This line should be 30.

Illinois (Pk)- Juice Williams will be flowing down the field all day against Fresno.

Arizona (+7)- USC are like the Patriots of college football, underachievers with a bad D. Zona will throw bombs all day on the porous Trojans defense.

Mattare: 59 points...(5-5 last week, 0-1 lock...52-62-6 overall, 7-4-1 lock)
Mikey: 73 points...(6-3-1 last week, 1-0 lock...65-52-2 overall, 8-4 lock)

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